22 Products For Any Woman Whose Sexual Orientation Is Pizza

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Some of us like males, some of us like females, and some of us like both. Then there are those of us who reject these socially-imposed sexual boundaries altogether. Screw men and women! (not literally, though). The most attractive thing in this world is pizza. Pizza will not reject you. Pizza doesn’t care about race, nationality, skin color, or sexual orientation. Pizza will make you feel good regardless.

Which is why you need to to sing loudly of your devotion to pizza. Rep it proudly! Support it as much as it supports you! Here’s 21 ways to help you do that:

1. This pizza lip balm, so that you can still taste your one true love even after you’ve devoured it:


Get it here for $3.25

2. A perfect pizza pin set, because the secret ingredient to any pizza is LOVE:


Get it here for $16

3. Wanting to always be surrounded by the scent of your one and only with this pizza-scented candle:


Get it here for $4.50

4. These cookie cutters, so you can eat pizza even while you’re eating cookies:


Get it here for $8.99

5. Washing the smell of pizza off your hands after dinner, but using pizza-scented soap so that it never leaves you:


Get it here for $6.95

6. This tote bag, for carrying all your stuff. Like pizza leftovers:


Get it here for $9.06

7. This lighted restaurant sign, so you can pretend you’re at a pizzeria from the comfort of you own home:


Get it here for $139

8. A catnip pizza, for cat ladies who love a pie to the face:


Get it here for $6.71

9. Or a pepperoni pizza dog collar for the less weird pet owners (KIDDING) among us:


Get it here for $15

10. These nail decals so a slice of pep-pep is never too far:


Get them here for $4.50

11. This magnificent pizza purse for all your pizza-related needs:


Get it here for $60

12. This trendy tattoo choker, because ~fashion:


Get it here for $6.25

13. A pizza print pocket tee —minimal, yet purposeful:


Get it here for $16.61

14. Or a cute crop top, if that’s more your speed:


Get it here for $22

15. This truthful pencil case that could double as a makeup bag or anything-else-you-want-bag:


Get it here for $6

16. Are you a pizza queen? Of course you are. LET ‘EM KNOW:


Get it here for $15

17. This pizza sleeping bag…for obvious reasons:


Get it here for $200

18. Or, this crocheted pizza sleeping bag, for obvious reasons:


Get it here for $75

19. These pizza pinatas, for your next pizza party:


Get them here for $16.57

20. These two pepperoni pizza halves keychains, to share with a best friend:


Get it here for $13

21. These dress socks also because…fashion:


Get them here for $12.95

22. But most importantly, this portable pizza pouch. You know that expression “preparation is the key to success”? This is what it was referring to.


Get it here for $8 (!!!steal!!!)

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