This Insane Keyboard Player Is Equal Parts Mesmerizing And Terrifying

I’m not even slightly exaggerating when I say this keyboard player is better at her job than you’ve probably been at anything, ever. The Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps member puts on such an electrifying performance, you can straight feel her energy reaching through your computer screen to disallow blinking for a full minute while scrambling your brains and emotions until you don’t even know who you are anymore. Dude, it’s like that.

It’s beyond impressive and a little bit (a lot) terrifying, but it also makes me a little bit jealous because I don’t think I’ve ever been as passionate about anything in life as this chick is about the keyboard.

How does that make you feel? It made our team feel some kinda way, too.

Jennifer: I can’t tell if she’s on drugs or I’m on drugs.

Jake: I don’t know how this girl managed to pull focus from whatever the fuck those dancers are wearing. It looks like something that would be on a 1980s Japanese social studies textbook.

Emily: She looks like her braid is so tight it’s pulling her eyes back.

Megan: I bet this is how Taylor Swift writes music about her ex-boyfriends.

Jason: The fact that this is the coolest anyone has ever looked playing the keyboard should tell you all you need to know about playing the keyboard.

Jake, again: wearing.

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