10 Reasons Elle Woods Is A Feminist Hero

Legally Blonde turns 15 today. Take a minute to let that sink in. Where the hell did the time go? It seems like only yesterday we were introduced to the fearless and ever-fashionable bombshell that is Elle Woods.

There are endless great things we could say about Ms. Woods. She embodies every foundation feminism is based upon and we wish more than anything that she was running in the 2016 election.

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1. She made the decision to go to law school, despite what other people thought.

giphy 19 10 Reasons Elle Woods Is A Feminist Hero

Because screw Warner for thinking she wasn’t smart enough. Also,  WTF was up with her dad and his outdated ideals about Elle marrying a rich husband? As if that was her only goal in life. Ahem, no.

2. She embraces her femininity…


She never sees her femininity as a weakness, instead she embraces every aspect of it and is proud to be exactly the way she is, no matter what people say. Pink never looked so powerful.

3. But she’s not going to let anyone treat her like an object.


She uses sophisticated legal jargon to shut down creepy cat callers in the classiest way possible. Who ever thought cat calling was really going to work? We object! Honestly, it’s the biggest insult and turn off ever. Props to Elle for clapping back.

4. She believes in herself and is never afraid to stand out.

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One of the qualities we respect most about Elle is her ability to always stay true to herself. She doesn’t change for anyone and she does things her way no matter what other people think. Through a myriad of obstacles, Elle never stopped believing in herself. She knew she was meant for greatness and she achieved it. Slay queen.

5. She’s not intimidated by a challenge.


When Vivian was being a catty biotch and trying to make Elle look stupid in class, Elle let it be known that she’s not backing down anytime soon. Ms. Woods, you are fierce AF. I need some of that in my life.

6. She’s ambitious and she’s not sorry about it…

elle woods legally blonde bonehead 10 Reasons Elle Woods Is A Feminist Hero

When dumbass Warren tries to come crawling back to Elle after her amazing win in court, she shuts him down with some sassy truth. She deserves much better and you know like, not a complete bonehead.

7. But she doesn’t let her career goals get in the way of fighting the patriarchy.

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When her disgusting excuse for a law professor hits on her and essentially offers her a promotion for sex, Elle stands up for herself and shuts his pathetic ass down.

8. She inspires confidence and resilience in the women around her.

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Elle inspired many of the people around her to be strong and stand up for themselves. Take Paulette, for example, she was finally able to stand up to her nasty ex and take her furbaby back. All thanks to Elle.

9. She never breaks the bonds of sisterhood…

lb12 10 Reasons Elle Woods Is A Feminist Hero

When Brooke divulged her career-ruining alibi to Elle, she kept the secret safe from everyone including her co-workers. Her loyalty was the highest priority.

10. …Unless they’re catty haters, in which case she will ABSOLUTELY cut a bitch to shreds with her razor sharp wit.

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When Vivian tricked Elle into believing she was going to a costume party, Elle showed up looking like the hottest bunny we’ve ever seen and totally owned it. Then she threw a little clever shade at Vivian’s frigid ass heart.

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