18 Women Confess What’s Going On In Their Heads When They’re Getting Oral Sex

Going down on a girl can be a super awkward thing. It's kinda like a sexual gyno appointment, kinda like a cave diving expedition, and as a result many of us feel more on display then in the moment. Because there's so much running through our mind while he is making out with your v, getting to the golden gates of orgasm can be an impossible pursuit. For others, a little downtown necking is the best thing on the planet, and they would 100% rather receive than give. We don't know about you, but it seems that while blow jobs are super prevalent, the female-pleasuring version is discussed and executed a lot less often. While we may not know the exact reasons for the bj/vj discrepancy, here are 18 frank and honest reactions women have to the proposition. Spoiler: it's a mixed bag.