13 People On The Most Disturbing Things Hidden In Their Bedrooms

We’re all guilty of hoarding some unsightly things in our bedrooms over the years. Maybe it’s junk that desperately needs to be thrown out or maybe it’s a novelty item that you keep in that special secret place no one knows about.

Whether it’s a stash of favorite snacks or a massive dildo, you can tell a lot about a person by what’s hidden in their bedroom. Reddit asked their users about the “worst” things that would be discovered in their secret places and the responses did not disappoint.

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1. Anyun has some pretty unique tastes.

“4 buttplugs of increasingly innovative design.”

2. MisterDonkey enjoys more animalistic pleasures.

“Horse dick dildo. It’s a novelty, I swear.”

3. Apparently MasRemlap has been pretty busy.

“A completely unbendable sock.”


4. Dr_Gillian_McQueef likes to kick it old school.

“Nudes. Polaroid nudes. Yes I’m that old.”

5. cheezeebred, we would ask but we really don’t want to.

“A small vial with my feces in it.”

6. lanSomerhalder‘s hidden treasures are pretty depressing.

“7 year old condoms and crushed dreams.”


7. PM_ME_YOUR_CUTE_MUG might want to re-carpet their room.

“Cat vomit. It’s now one with the carpet. I’ll clean it…eventually.”

8. Callmebobbyorbooby and his wife always leave a present for the cleaning lady.

“The boxers my wife and I use as a cum rag after we bone. The cleaning ladies find it every month because I forgot to take it out. Oops.”


9. NotMySeventhAcct keeps things hidden from his roommate.

“The good snacks I hide so my roommates don’t eat them all.”

10. Yes, fortyfortitude that is what we would be concerned about.

“The toy drawer full of variously shaped dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, ropes, and kinky sensational stimulators isn’t my worst- it’s the Party Size bag of Doritos in there that’d raise an eyebrow.”

11. tripzhonya is VERY open about the toy hidden in their room.

“I have a huge black butt plug. its massive and i have never, ever gotten it in past the first bump.”

giphy13 13 People On The Most Disturbing Things Hidden In Their Bedrooms

12. It’s okay toefltefltoeicwhat, we’ve all eaten our feelings a time or two.

“An empty 20 Mcnugget box, a BBQ sauce bottle, 3 double cheeseburger wrappers, double big mac wrapper, large fries container, large coke cup, pizza hut pizza box (with greasy crumbs and greasy paper still inside), a cereal, bowl, torn up tin foil from baked sweet potatoes, yogurt containers, forks, knives and spoons….all strewn about the floor.

Going through a difficult breakup. I tried not to binge eat this week, but I couldn’t stop myself last night. I miss her :'(“

13. Welp Platyp, at least you’re honest.

“Either the highly embarrassing poetry written when I was in middle school (I should destroy it, but I don’t know exactly where it is) or my flaccid fake cock.”

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