Khloe Kardashian Slams Chloë Grace Moretz By Posting A Picture Of Her Alleged Butthole

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (/pretty rightfully don’t GAF) for the past day, you’re probably well aware of the Kimye/Taylor Swift drama ruling the Internet airwaves. A buttload other celebs got involved, most notably funniest sister Khloe Kardashian and actress Chloë Grace Moretz.

[Previously on ‘Keeping Up With The Klusterfuck:

After Kanye released his now-infamous song “Famous” (see what I did there?) Taylor was publicly pissed about the line “ I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous.” Kim K told GQ Taylor had approved the line and claimed to have video proof. Taylor said nah. Kim released said video on Snapchat. There is still debate as to whether Taylor actually approved the “that bitch” part of the song, but that’s beside the point.]

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19-year-old Moretz tweeted that the drama between Kimye and Taylor was completely inconsequential considering the horrors our country (also world) has been facing lately.

Since Moretz and Kim have had beef in the past, the tweet struck a chord with Kardashianites worldwide and also with Khloe K herself, who pretty crudely was all, ‘are you talking about your own butthole?’ and then posted a picture of what she assumed to be Moretz’ butthole:

Khloe’s tweet is problematic for two reasons; One, as Moretz points out, the girl on the right is just some rando wearing a matching bikini set:

Two, as OITNB star Ruby Rose points out, (I told you there was a buttload of celebrities involved) Chloë Grace Moretz is NINETEEN YEARS OLD.

She then preaches love and acceptance as the solution to the world’s current problems, which, like, yeaaaaah, I guess, but also just seems like another divisive I’m-on-team-Taylor sorta move. Not to diss Ruby Rose, she’s Everybody’s Favorite Lesbian meaning she’s mine too, but I’m just saying she probably wants an invite to Taylor’s exclusive Independence Day inflatable slide party next year, too

Anyways. Let us practice what Ruby Rose preaches and just drop all this insignificant celeb drama garbage. HA HA who am I kidding? I want to watch Taylor Swift burn and also Kimye burn and everyone super famous burn in a domino-effect PR shitstorm. Get our collective mind off the depressing current state of our nation, ya know?

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