Khloe Kardashian Has No Regrets About That Regretful Chloë Grace Moretz Tweet

Last time, on Keeping Up With The Klusterfuck…

The youngest Kardashian sister waged an all-out Twitter war on actress Chloë Grace Moretz when the 19-year-old dared to suggest celebrities should use their voice for the good rather than the petty.

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After receiving some harsh and well-deserved backlash for going in on a girl 13 years her junior in probably the shittiest way ever, (i.e., tweeting an explicit picture of what she believed to be Moretz’ butthole) Khloe once again tweeted, this time to basically say “sorry not sorry.”

So, yeah, apparently the irony of saying “I’m not a bully” but keeping a crude picture of a random girl’s butthole up on Twitter is lost on Khloe, who also seems to think 35-year-old Kim Kardashian is incapable of defending herself against a teenager on social media. I love you, KoKo, but come on! Are you not, with a couple of tweets, simply reinforcing the message Moretz was trying to send in the first place? And are you not literally shading someone instead of speaking the butthole truth, as Kim herself asserts one should?

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