Which Wine Should You Drink According To Your Zodiac?

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Wine is so delicious. We love it so. But, there are so many kinds, so many brands, so many options, that a trip to the liquor store can be a daunting task (not as bad as picking a shade of polish at the nail salon, but still). Worry not fam, for we are here to help you find your grape-derived soul mate.

From the feisty Scorpio to the earthy Taurus to the thoughtful and philosophical Sagittarius, here are your perfect summer wine choices, according to the stars.

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Holy shit, can we say MERCURY IN RETROGRADE people? After months of stress, i.e. feeling like shit but not knowing why, sending accidental 3 am texts to your ex, dropping food on your crisp white J. Crew top before important meetings, summer 2016 will be a welcome reprieve. Celebrate your ruling planet finally coming out of retrograde (which has put a damper on your everyday life since May) with a glass of Pinot Noir, because its lighter body and red fruits match the new lightness that surrounds you. Although you are typically a leader, chill the F out, get wine drunk and celebrate life returning to normal…at least until August 30, when retrograde happens again (it will be over September 22).



Taurus, you beautiful bull. These past few weeks, you have been basking in earthly delights; laying on the grass and smiling at the birds, falling asleep on the beach to the sound of the waves, really letting your inner hippie shine. The good news is, travel is in your near future and the possibility of meeting some sexy local wherever you go is at an all-time high. A smooth Tempranillo, which has black pepper and vanilla notes, from Rioja, Spain, is perfect for your growing wanderlust and the sensual vibes that will emerge during your journey. Because you are a self-soother (i.e. taking late night fast food runs, calling your hook up buddy…frequently…and shopping without abandon), you will also love this smooth-as-fuck red like crazy.



Are you sick of working your ass off and feeling under appreciated? Well, the universe is, on your behalf. During the next month, there is power in your work house, Gemini, and it is time to step the fuck up and ask for the raise you deserve. The planets are in your favor to make some strides career-wise, as your guardian planet will combine with Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. This means the rest of July and early August are the perfect times to ask out that cute boy, buy a lottery ticket, and bet on the underdog. Over the next few months, it will feel like things are just falling into place for you. Pop a bottle of bubbly wine, like this delightful sparkling rosé, which is made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, to help you sit back and enjoy the ride.



Cancer, despite being a major planner (can we say OCD?) and doing everything in your power to make the next few months go as smoothly as possible, remember the inimitable words of Dr. Ian Malcom in Jurassic Park: “Life, uh, finds a way.” In truth, this summer is one of highs and lows for Cancer. There will be some official business to take care of (think: paperwork, checks and signatures), and your life will at times feel like its in overdrive during late July. Calm your tits with some California Merlot, a full-bodied blend of juicy black fruit, clove, and allspice. Ready for the good news? The positioning of Mars is such that you will get some warm, sensual vibes your way by early August. Prep for it (of course), with a nice lovers’ getaway, or bestie trip somewhere sexy.



When’s the last time you changed your hairstyle, sweet, routine-loving Leo? This summer marks a feeling of “I’m sick of looking at X, and I’m going to do something about it.” Looks like you will take some strides these next few months, whether that means moving, redecorating, or simply refreshing your home environment. July will be a good month to do so, as there will be a lot of productive aspects surrounding you (like planetary Adderall). Listen to your inner voice this month, Leo, as there are messages coming every which way (even in your dreams) to help direct you towards success. A nice glass of Gruner Veltliner, with its crisp notes of golden apple and lychee, will keep you feeling motivated and fresh, not to mention cool during your moments of redecorating fervor.



Turn and face the strange. Ch-ch-changes… Think back one year ago today. You have gone through a huge transformation and now find yourself almost in a polar opposite state from then, and really that’s an amazing thing. Yes, change is always scary, but rest easy: you’re constantly getting better. Because you are naturally a hard worker (read: the last one to leave the office), now is the time to indulge in some pampering (a pedicure, new haircut, massages, anything that’s all about you) as well as connecting with each of your friends as individuals. This is a summer for you to be social, and what better way to cheers to that than with a poolside-perfect Italian sparkling white with notes of peach, almond and orange blossom.



It’s an exciting time to be a Libra, as your life, like an empty canvas in the presence of Michelangelo, is about to be enhanced and made beautiful. The New Moon tells us that your career is in for a serious boost, and you will have the opportunity to use your creativity in a way that results in financial success (Uh, THANK GOODNESS  because you will be doling out the cash this summer on trips and events with family and friends). Unwind with a violet-hued Cabernet Sauvignon, as it is packed with flavor, including a subtle touch of mint, and goes down oh-so-smooth. Another reason its your spirit vino? Cab is typically aged for 9 to 18 months in oak barrels, so just like you, it gets better, deeper and bolder over time.



Scorpio, you are are a saucy dame. Brace yourself for some serious revelry this summer, because basically everything a person could want is coming to you in the next two months. From romance to travel to glamour to magical adventures, it’s all surrounding you, and will be unveiled in an almost time-released fashion. Neptune, the planet of dreams and inspiration, and hazy, dream-like fantasy, is now in your Fifth House of true love, making finding a soulmate or deepening your relationship with your soul mate, almost guaranteed. Pour yourself a glass of Spanish pink cava, which is sexy, pink and citrus-infused, and get excited!



Mo’ money, less problems, little miss Sag. Talks of finances and money appropriation are big for you this month, and the good news is that it looks like you have a nice chunk of change coming your way. Get with the baller game and make sure to spend some of it on living in the moment, enjoying the weather, and helping loyal friends who may need a hand. In early August you will have planetary aspects of intuition surrounding you, which means you will enjoy a bit of foresight into what the universe plans of you. Follow your hunches as the decisions you make this summer will bring you long-term benefits you will begin reap in early 2017. A glass of Zinfandel, with aromas of blackberry jam, black cherry, mocha, and a hint of balsamic vinegar, matches the bold changes coming up, and echoes your chill-as-fuck personality.



Love is in the air, as there are no less then four planets currently in your partnership sector. Play some Marvin Gaye and get ready for a back massage, like really soon. Jupiter is also around sending gifts and good luck your way, which means chance encounters can become more meaningful if you play your cards right. Also, things you’ve been putting off since January are perfectly positioned to be dealt with now (yes, defunct New Year’s resolutions, we’re talking to you). Prepare for travel with a loved one and a chance to bask in creativity and pantsless, room service-filled hangouts.  Grab a bottle of oaky Australian Chardonnay, enhanced with white peach notes, to refresh your spirit and prep for what lies ahead!



The Katy Perry of the Zodiac, Aquarius is a spirited, quirky soul with a silly streak that runs deep. It’s a busy month for you, as you have a lot going on at work and at home, and have been refocusing on health, wellness and personal betterment. You have literally not stopped moving since mid-June, and as a result have been looking hot and feeling fulfilled. By September, two powerful planets, Venus and Mars, will join together to bring you the luck and opportunity you need for something major (OMG) to go your way in early fall. So relax, and realize you got this; it’s in the stars. A crisp glass of Riesling is your perfect summer vino because its light and easy to drink, yet filled with sexy, fun notes like meyer lemon, pineapple and apricot.



Who doesn’t love a Pisces? Answer: no one. One of the most easy-going, friendly and positive-aura-ed signs in the Zodiac, you, sweet Pisces, will enjoy a fun-filled, amazing summer: and it’s not just because you deserve it. In fact, no less than five planets are present in your house of fun and love this month, which means it’s a time to embrace the moment and indulge in life’s simple pleasures (cue the sound of sprinklers and taste of cherry popsicles). The vibes you are giving off in July and August are making you even more appealing then usual, and you will be drawing potential suitors and friends to you with minimal effort. Your perfect wine is Sauvignon Blanc, as it is flirty and fruity and well-loved, just like you.

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