17 Women Confess The Weirdest Thing They’ve Used To Masturbate

Obviously masturbation is a very much a solo activity, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it. In fact, more women should discuss what makes their lady bits tingle. I mean, guys talk about jerking off in way more detail than anyone ever wants to hear, but they do it anyway. So, why shouldn’t we? In the spirit of openness we asked the Berry community about the weirdest things they’ve ever used to get themselves off and the responses did not disappoint. Whether you’re a cucumber gal or you’ve thought about using that electric toothbrush a time or two, you’re definitely not alone!

1. Condom-sicle


2. A banana

“It was the most dick-shaped thing I had access to. Nice width and length, just had to be careful not to smash it.” – Anonymous, 25

3. A stick

“I found a stick and peeled off all the bark, sat on the rail road tracks and had some fun!” – Anonymous, 31

4. Ice cubes

“I’ve actually done this a lot. It takes some getting used to but I never come harder. Plus there’s something really sexy about a wet mess on the sheets as it melts. Makes me feel like a guy completely drained himself inside me and his load is dripping out of me. 10/10. Would recommend.” – Anonymous, 40

5. Glitter wand

“A sparkly glitter and water filled wand, the kind a little girl might play with. I was in my teens and not old enough to buy a proper dildo or vibrator.” – Anonymous, 31

6. A teddy bear


7. Lint roller

“I was traveling for business and happened to have one in my suit case. Perfect size and shape…give it a 10/10.” – Anonymous, 25

8. Cooking pot

“I was staying with my boyfriend at his Uncles. Things got freaky and he wanted a show so I used one of his uncle’s small pots… The long handle part of course. it was the only thing we could find. It felt cold but was fun. on a scale of 1-10 maybe like a 6.” – Anonymous, 37

9. Bubble wand

“Mom found it years later and I had to steal it so she wouldn’t give it to her kindergarten class.” – Anonymous, 21

10. Beer bottle

“In retrospect, very dangerous. In reality, very good. And please don’t make the mistake of thinking I got that whole thing to work. The neck, people, the neck of the beer bottle. Christ.” – Anonymous, 22

11. Lotion

“Motion Lotion” that gets hot when you blow on it. Didn’t have another person to blow…so I used a fan.” – Anonymous, 33

12. Washing machine


13. An eggplant

“Only the top portion, because eggplants are massive, and put some KY lube on there . Worked pretty well maybe give it a 7/10” – Anonymous, 26

14. A hairbrush

“Not the bristle end obvi, but the handle. Perfect size and easy to take with you. No one suspects a hairbrush! 7/10” – Anonymous, 28

15. An action figure

“Wrapped up one of my brother’s Power Rangers in a plastic bag and went to town. Felt better than you’d think. I’d give it a 5/10” – Anonymous, 36

16. A hi lighter

“I was working and it was the thickest office supply tool I could find. Worked a lot better than I expected. It was a pretty big hi lighter” – Anonymous, 20

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