This Kid Fed A Deer Doughnuts And Now They’re BFFs

What a time to be alive? Seriously, though. In the midst of a rather disturbing election, a viral frenzy of catching Pokémon Go, and celeb girl squad drama llama there is just a man trying to hang out with his deer. Yes, deer as in the wild animal with antlers aka Bambi. Because why shouldn’t a man befriend a deer?

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17-year-old Kelvin Peña from Pennsylvania enjoys taking selfies with his best friend, Money the deer.

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According to Kelvin, ‘Money’ seemed like the perfect name for his new furry companion.

“His name is Money ‘cause I feel like he deserves that name – money makes me happy and he did too.” he said.

Because who doesn’t love money?

giphy 21 This Kid Fed A Deer Doughnuts And Now Theyre BFFs

Kelvin quickly became Twitter-famous after uploading a video of himself feeding Money some crackers.

“One day at my cousin’s house, he was feeding Canela (another local deer Kelvin named) and I thought it was really cool. When I got home I saw Money in my backyard, walked up to him, and noticed he didn’t run away, so I felt we had a connection,” he told BuzzFeed.

What can we say, sometimes it’s love at first sight. Nothing like the bond between a man and his deer.

It wasn’t long before Money brought his whole “squad” to Kelvin’s house.

In this Twitter video that’s been shared over 25K times, Kelvin introduces the deer squad while feeding them powdered doughnuts. He’s even named a few of them; Bambi, Canela, Lola, and of course Money. Move over T-Swift, there’s a new squad in town.

After receiving some backlash over his unhealthy snack choices, Kelvin decided to find new grub for Money and his fam.


“It means a lot that he feels he and his fam can come through, so I respect them and I want them to be healthy, so I’ve been buying fruit for them,” he told BuzzFeed.

Kelvin didn’t anticipate the amount of attention he would get on social media and was just happy spending time with Money.

“I just thought Money was cool so I decided to film him. I was still going to feed him regardless.” he said.

Believe it or not, Kelvin is taking things to the next level with Money T-shirts to help Money and the fam have some healthy snacks.

Can we go hang out with Money and the deer squad? Like, really though.


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