10 Quick AF Ways To Recharge When You’re Completely Burnt Out

Even as you read this, there is a very strong possibility that you are struggling with the very common affliction of Being A Normal Human. Symptoms include zoning out, dozing off, heavy eyelids, a slight headache, and an overwhelming feeling of ennui.

Fortunately, there are some quick and easy ways to combat this pervasive sense of listlessness, and make you feel more alert and recharged for the rest of the day.

Until tomorrow comes and the Being A Normal Human struggles occurs all over again.

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1. Rearrange your shit.

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Stagnation is definitely a possibility when your possessions are in the same place for an extended period of time. Simply reconfiguring your desk tchotchkes, or moving your chair from one corner to another can stir up your creative juices and give you a fresh outlook on the day. But, like, don’t try to half-ass this advice by “rearranging” your piles of dirty laundry, or something — that shit ain’t feng shui.

2. Take a walk.

Just a walk around the block can clear away those brain-blurring cobwebs and make you feel more alert. Bonus points if that walk is actually scenic, and you LITERALLY STOP TO SMELL SOME ROSES.

3. Stretch it out.

I mean, ideally you would wake yourself up by doing some quick cardio (like jumping jacks, or running in place), but I’m not going to be monstrous enough to suggest such a thing. Instead, maybe just do a few yoga poses (or make them up, like I do) and stretch out your arms/back.

4. Give someone a quick phone call.

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If you go hours at a time without conversing with someone (like certain internet writers I could mention … ), a quick phone call to your S.O. or bestie could definitely be enough to perk you up and make you feel more engaged. Because, you know, talking is part of being a balanced human.

5. Better yet, have a conversation IRL.

If talking on the phone isn’t your bag (EXCUSE ME, you millennial), then having a quick chat with your coworker is a great way to wake yourself up — plus, talking to other people and engaging them in social interaction is a great way to avoid being a curmudgeonly asshole. If you didn’t already know that.

6. Give yourself a quick facial.

Splashing water on your face is, of course, a great way to feel more alert and refreshed — but if you’re gonna do that, you might as well make it beneficial to your general skincare regimen. Use some warm water, paired with a fancy-pants exfoliant and moisturizer combo, to revive your skin and recharge your brain. (You may have to touch up your makeup afterwards, but that can also make you feel sparkly and new, so it’s a win.)

7. Make some plans.

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Even if it’s figuring out what you’re going to make for dinner, putting your brain to the task of (fun) personal planning can make you feel excited about the remainder of your day. If you’re feeling listless, invite your BFF over for a wine and movie night — it’s a casual event, but planning it out will give you something to look forward to.

8. Start a new book.

I don’t know if you are aware, but we are basically living in the future. Thanks to this simple fact, we have unmitigated access to most published works at the touch of our fingertips. If you’re feeling bored and uninspired, try out a free sample of a new Kindle read or iBook. I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT READING IS GOOD FOR YOUR BRAIN.

9. Ice water and veggies.

If you’re going to snack on something, making it really cold water with a heaping helping of fresh veggies. I know it sounds boring, but (entering Mom Mode) eating vegetables gives you energy to perk up and make it through the rest of the day. Snacking on chips or crackers? Not so much.

10. Power nap.

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Okay, if you’re in the office, do not do this. If you’re at any sort of job-type situation, do not do this. But if you get home and you’ve got a long evening of activities ahead of you, laying down with your feet elevated higher than your head (this is important) for fifteen or twenty minutes can actually be pretty beneficial. Just make sure you do your power-napping on the couch — if you attempt to nap on your bed, you and I both know that you will sleep for the next fourteen hours, evening plans be damned.

Now go forth, and wake the fuck up!

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