Here Are The 17 Most Important Rules In The Bro Code, According To Bros

Guy code has always baffled me. This unwritten book of rules that every “real” dude follows has some pretty ridiculous things in it. Yes, girls have a code to, but ours make more sense right? Bro rules are all over the place. From not standing next to each other while peeing to backing up each other’s bullshit so the other can get laid, guys have a universal understanding of what to do and not to do. If only we could add some of our own rules in their book…put the damn toilet seat down, for instance. These are some of the most “important” bro-codes according to the bros.

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1. ISIXofpleasure knows the importance of a bro’s ego.

You can give a bro as much hell as you want unless a bro is with a girl. Don’t crush your bro’s soul while he is trying to hook up.

2. According to FuckCazadors, you back your bro up on all his bullshit.

If he’s bullshitting to impress a woman you back up his ludicrous claims to the hilt.

3. N1njaboss never throws a bro under the bus.

Don’t throw another bro under a bus to get a girl unless he says you can. Conversely, if a bro asks you if he can throw you under the bus, you bet your ass you’re jumping under that goddamn bus.

4. Laurajsr knows gains are a priority number one.

If you’re lifting with your bro and he has a heart attack, put more weight on the bar and THEN call 911.


5. Every guy need MyOwnHurricane as their bro.

On death or injury, clear a bro’s search history.

6. When it comes to revenge, ALLSTARTRIPOD has his bro’s back.

If you find out a friends SO is cheating on him, not only do you tell him, but you offer to shit in her kettle.

7. For Acicin, video games are a very serious matter.

The bro who owns the console is ALWAYS player 1.

6 Here Are The 17 Most Important Rules In The Bro Code, According To Bros

8. Back2Bach shares the golden rule.

Never let a bro drive when he’s drunk – no matter what.

9. Bros don’t let bros pee next to each other says  IM_PROLLY_LYIN.

Every other urinal.

10. ProfessorGigs stands by his bro in the best of times and the worst of times.

If a bro experiences a breakup, so did you.


11. Aarons777 never shoots below the belt.

Nut shots are never acceptable, ever.

12. TechN9cian01, if only we could be this primal.

If we fight, we’re square. Grudges and snarky comments are reserved for women and children.

13. ThatLonelyAstronaut, this is also a girl code rule, just sayin.

Don’t date your best friend’s ex. Ever.


14. NEVER make eye contact says One_Trick_Ahri.

When you have a devils threesome (two guys one girl), never make eye contact with your bro.

15. Acicin knows when a bro should step down.

If two bros know the same story, the bro who is lesser known among the party or group shall tell it.

16. Coolusernamebro69 keeps it classy.

You do not beat up a guy if he is walking with his girlfriend no matter how mad you are at him.

17. The ultimate rule comes from Topgun157.

  1. Be Excellent to Each Other
  2. Party on, Dudes


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