This College Has The First Pizza ATM in the United States, And It’s Almost Too Good To Be True

Pizza is the lifeblood of this nation’s millennials, and a hefty building block of the junk food pyramid. As such, it only makes sense for the baked Italian fare to be available at the touch of a button.

Fortunately for all of us (or at least, for college students in Cincinnati), there is now an actual machine which can grant such a magical request: hot pizza in minutes, at any hour of any given day.

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Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio is now home to the first-ever Pizza ATM in the United States, sending students and pizza fans alike into an Internet frenzy.

Behold, the Holy Grail itself:

The machine, which is manufactured by Paline, processes pizza orders and dispenses piping hot pies in a mere three minutes. The 12-inch pizzas will run customers nine dollars a pop — which is pretty reasonable, considering the convenience factor.

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The pizzas are available in pepperoni, veggie and cheese (though more toppings are likely forthcoming).

The best part? The Pizza ATM operates 24/7, which is probably a fucking GAME-CHANGER for drunk college students.

Xavier University isn’t the only locale to get hip to the popularity of of speedy food dispensers, either. Food ATMs are actually becoming a increasingly popular commodities around the world.

In Manhattan, Sprinkles Cupcakes owns three cupcake ATMs around the city.

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The “Burrito Box” in Santa Monica, California dispenses speedy Mexican food options to hungry patrons.

Vending machines in Tokyo even offer actual tomatoes to (presumably?) health-conscious customers.

19e4qfztlh6efjpg This College Has The First Pizza ATM in the United States, And Its Almost Too Good To Be True

While the machines aren’t exactly thrifty purchases (the Pizza ATM from Paline cost Xavier University $55,000 USD), they can provide easy opportunities for businesses and owners to collect a significant profit on the quick and accessible food items.

That said, the question still remains: if the Pizza ATM is in Cincinnati, then … what are the rest of us doing NOT in Cincinnati??

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