15 Women Shared Basic Flirting Tips For Awkward Guys Everywhere

Let’s be real,  flirting can get real awkward real quick. Like, why is it so incredibly difficult to let someone know you’re interested in them? Instead of spending our time trying to interpret possibly creepy body language and dissect minute and trivial conversations, let’s just start holding up signs. How many hours of confusion and bumbling would that save us? SO many…especially the men. No offense guys, but you tend to have quite the struggle when it comes to picking up what we’re putting down if you catch my drift. Oblivious doesn’t begin to describe your level of cluelessness, but we know we can also be confusing AF. So, we took to Reddit to find a few simple yet solid pieces of advice for any Romeos out there.

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1. ambivalentis insists that eye contact is key.

When a girl catches you looking, don’t look away, instead, lock eyes and give a half smile. It’s really not as creepy as it sounds. Goddamn I’m so alone…

2. So many guys could take a page out of SnapeProbDiedAVirgin‘s book.

My personal favorite body language trick though is something I call the up down up though. When in the middle of a conversation right after you make her laugh establish eye contact with a sly grin. Try to look like what you are seeing is the most beautiful woman on the planet. When she catches this look, look down for a split second and pretend to blush nervously like a “oh shoot you caught me thinking you’re beautiful” look, then right immediately make eye contact again with a cheeky smile. Serious, this works.

3. Thank you beejayyy for this piece of common sense that men need to hear.

Don’t take rejection personally.


4. SplattercatOfficial says it’s good to keep things light.

Be witty but positive. A lot of people go dark with their comebacks and so on, and for some people that’ll work. However, you probably wanna put the David Cross routine on hold until like..the 4th date and keep it fluffy.

5. ext23 has 4 easy steps every guy needs to know.

Make her smile. Smile yourself. Make eye contact. Show an interest in her personality and lifestyle.

These are such basic things yet if you can do them you are already doing better than like 90% of other guys.

6. For bbennett108, a little banter does the trick.

Keep it going. A lot of times when guys are giving a girl shit, she’ll “challenge” him (e.g. “oh really?”) and he’ll cave in and say, “oh no, I was just kidding.”

That’s when you further the joke, cuz it’s on.


7. Hullo- shares a simple way to tell if someone is flirting with you.

Pretty simple: if she smiles at you more than would be considered culturally appropriately, then she probably likes you. Ask yourself this: would it be weird if my sister smiled at me like she is. If answer is yes, then game time.

8. naked_as_a_jaybird says guys should find a middle ground.

Confidence vs Cocky. Knowing where the line is and how to avoid crossing it.

9. Apparently, interstate-lovesong had a very specific incident to share.

How not to be creepy. Don’t start accusing a 17 year old girl of lying to you when she says she’s still in high school. Please don’t demand to see her ID as proof.


10. StayPositive101 knows it’s good to be cautious about who you flirt with.

Ch. 6 – Flirting With The Right Person

Understand that while flirting is fun, flirting with the wrong person may lead them to believe you are interested for the long haul, particularly if they are mentally unstable.

11. Martianese gets straight to the point.

When a girl strokes your dick, that might mean she’s interested in you.

12. RogerClintonsBrother clears up the whole “friend-zone” convo.

If she’s willing to spend significant amounts of time alone with you then she’s probably at least somewhat interested.

Too many guys put themselves in the friend-zone by never making a move and claiming she showed no signs of interest. The fact that she hung out with you in your shitty broken down car for hours every single night last summer was a YUGE sign of interest.

13. CorpseZero wants you to be yourself unless you’re an ass.

Being confident in yourself.

Step 1: Know how to do this without being an overconfident, insecure asshat.


14. Yeah, siaka_stevens knows what’s up.

Listen to her. Answer her questions, but let her do the talking.

15. For Megaross, this is the golden rule.

Don’t look at her tits don’t look at her tits don’t look at her tits DAMMIT.


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