Chris Evans’ Dog Can’t Handle Him Doing The 22-Pushup Challenge Video And Frankly, Neither Can We

Chances are, you’ve probably seen dozens of videos in your newsfeed of friends dropping and giving 22 pushups for the 22-Pushup Challenge. The latest social media craze is raising awareness for veteran suicide prevention.

In the past week or so, more and more celebrities are taking part in this viral movement, giving it exponentially more attention. Chris Pratt, Anna Farris, John Krasinski, The Rock, and Captain America himself AKA Chris Evans are among the latest slew of celebs to document the challenge. As if we needed another reason to swoon at the sight of Chris Evans, his Pushup Challenge is by far the cutest one yet.

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Chris Evans was nominated by fellow actor John Krasinski (and pup Finn)  to take part in the 22-Pushup Challenge.

After the overwhelming success of the Ice Bucket Challenge, which raised funds for the ALS Association and research for Lou Gehrig’s disease, the 22 Pushup Challenge was started by #22Kill, a veteran advocacy group. Their goal is to document 22 million pushups to “to honor those who serve and to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention through education and empowerment.”

Chris Evans responded by documenting his 22 pushups with some help from his adorable pup.

He starts by explaining the challenge and the importance of shedding light on such serious issues surrounding the men and women who have served our country. Then he gets down to his yoga mat to get started. When he begins his pushups, Evans’ dog Dodger starts licking his face and trying to get his attention. Evans laughs and tries to push Dodger away, but his pup is persistent and refuses to be ignored. It might be the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

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What we wouldn’t give to be Dodger right now…that dog is seriously all of us watching Captain America do pushups.

Evans and Krasinski weren’t the first celebs to include their furry best friends. The Rock documented his challenge with his dog Hobbs.

Looks like The Rock is a big softie after all.

What is it about muscular men and their dogs that just makes the world a better place? We need more of this in our lives like, now.


To learn more about the 22-Pushup Challenge and what you can do to help raise awareness, visit their website.

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