13 Things You Need To Do With Your Friends Before Summer Ends

It’s August, and that means all of the amazing stuff you had planned for this summer has probably been put off in favor of your standard Netflix and Chinese food-filled free time. But there’s still hope—and a few waning weeks for you to get up, get out, and get enjoying the best that summer has to offer with your BFFs. Here are 13 things you really need to focus on getting out and doing with your squad before summer ends.

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1. Watch a sunset on the beach.

beach sunset 13 Things You Need To Do With Your Friends Before Summer Ends

Hit the beach during the most flattering magic hour lighting to take #NoFilter Instas. Throw on a flowy, long white skirt and flower crown stream and little Stevie Nicks get the perfect summertime pictures of you and your homegirls you’ll be glad you have years from now.

2. Laser tag.

laser tag2 13 Things You Need To Do With Your Friends Before Summer Ends

Gather your nerdiest family and besties around, and make a party out of a friendly (or not) game of laser tag. It’s physical and gets your heart pounding, so you can check cardio off of your list for the day. Even if you feel like a complete dumbass in the getup at first, you’ll soon be having the freakin’ time of your life, so who GAF?!

3. Go on a picnic.

picnic1 13 Things You Need To Do With Your Friends Before Summer Ends

Nevermind the ants, flies, and that blustery breeze blowing your napkins all over! There’s something about eating outside in nature that almost makes food taste better. Pack up a delicious, pretty lunch (maybe one of those recipes you put on your Pinterest board that you’ve always said you were going to make?) and head outside to the beach, a local park, or even just your own backyard and enjoy a lazy summer picnic. It’s also the perf excuse to start day drinking. Hell yeah.

4. See a summer blockbuster.

summer movie 13 Things You Need To Do With Your Friends Before Summer Ends

Whether rom-coms or action thrillers are your jam, pony up the big bucks for a tub of popcorn, and go enjoy a big summer blockbuster movie in a real, live movie theater. The big sound system, sticky floors, 20+ full minutes of ads, and seatmates who text through the entire movie can get on anyone’s nerves, but it’s also good for you to pause the Netflix, put on actual pants, and get out of the house every once in a while. Also, plenty of movie theaters have bars and decent food now! Being able to drink some pinot during your flick will make it worth your while, right?

5. Road trip!

The car is gonna smell funky, and you’ll want to kill at least one person you’re traveling with before it’s over, but you’ll also get to figure out exactly what it is you’re looking for in an ideal gas station bathroom? That’s something every grown-ass woman should know about themselves. Also, you can stop at weird stores, finally see what the world’s biggest ball of twine looks, do your own version of car karaoke, eat at diners… But mostly you can’t afford Tahiti, so how about a National Park?

6. Ride a water slide.

waterslide 13 Things You Need To Do With Your Friends Before Summer Ends

Hold onto that bikini! You’re gonna ride that crazy water slide so many times you still feel it when you go to bed. And no, I can’t see your tampon string, and the lifeguard thinks you look hot, so let’s just do this already!

7. Get a super-bright mani-pedi.

nails 13 Things You Need To Do With Your Friends Before Summer Ends

Once your skin has that sweet summery glow, what better way to werk it than with a playful manicure and pedicure? Rock it along with your strappiest sandals and beachiest waves. The mani-pedi experience is even better when you and your besties can do it together, trash talk, and weigh in on one another’s Insta-inspired nail art. Yay!

8. Throw a pool party.

Doesn’t matter if you aren’t #blessed with the real-deal, below ground swimming spot. Fire up the hose and take turns blowing up a kiddie pool for a five-star pool party. (Look, if it’s good enough for Beyoncé, it’s good enough for you.)

9. Eat hella watermelon.

Ripe, sweet watermelon only comes around once a year, so if you don’t scarf as much of it as you can now and make those watermelon margaritas for your next party, you’ll kinda hate yourself once it’s out of season. So, get your sweet tooth to the farmer’s market ASAP. And while you’re at it, pick up some summer berries too.

10. Drink rosé.

There is no summer drink more refreshing that a chilly glass of rosé. Sip it in the afternoon by itself or serve it with a seafood dinner. Drink it on a yacht, like Scott Disick or with all your pals in the South of France like Brangelina. It’s also a totally civilized and acceptable way to get sloshed at a wedding shower. As a bonus, its pale pink color will make you and your BFFs feel princessy AF.

11. Have a water balloon fight.

You’d be surprised how much steam you can blow off by hucking water balloons at someone. Annoyed by your boyfriend? Water balloon. Your bestie acting totally pissy about something pointless? Water balloon. Annoying kids? Bam. You guessed it. Also, there have been some important advancements in water balloon technology you might not be aware of. There are several brands that let you fill dozens of ballons at a time, cutting the hassle down considerably. Behold the WHOLLY Water Balloon set that fills 222 balloons in 60 seconds.

12. Chase down an ice cream truck.

Real talk: The options aren’t that extensive, and the ice cream usually has an “off” chemical-y taste. But the act of chasing down an ice cream truck and maybe even flirting with the occasional sexy ice cream man are the stuff summer dreams—and winter daydreams—are made of.

13. Start that damn book club already.

You have been saying you’re gonna do it for frickin’ ever, so no time like the present! Get your squad to agree on a book, read said book, then meet over all of the wine to drink your faces off and discuss.

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