15 Times Tumblr Totally Nailed What Depression Actually Feels Like

If you know what depression feels like firsthand, then you surely know how difficult it can be to put into words. The problem is, depression isn’t just a mood disorder. It isn’t simply ‘feeling sad’ or lazy or bummed out. It’s a dark cloud that obstructs any sort of clear thought or positive feeling. It affects energy, motivation, and feelings of self-worth. As such, it directly affects identity.

If you’ve never suffered from depression, consider yourself blessed. It is an affliction just like an auto-immune disease, or a liver disease, or a cancer. If you know someone who has, you’re certainly not having a grand ole time either— It can be just as damaging to stand on the sidelines, a helpless bystander to a loved one’s suffering. Either way, it is important to know you are never alone.

Tumblr houses a large community dedicated to supporting those who suffer from depression, as well as providing them with a safe emotional outlet for their thoughts and feelings.

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1. Depression means struggling to maintain a normal relationship because of your mood.

12 15 Times Tumblr Totally Nailed What Depression Actually Feels Like

2. It means always choosing loneliness over having to describe what you’re actually feeling.


3. People who don’t understand it have a lot of trouble relating to your emotions.


4. It means your mind is drenched in a thick, dark fog.

5. Depression means the inability to find happiness in things that used to make you happy:

6. It’s a confusing burden to live with, constantly struggling between negative thoughts and frightening hypotheticals:

22 15 Times Tumblr Totally Nailed What Depression Actually Feels Like

7. Depression makes the simplest of activities feel like a constant uphill battle:

8. It’s being unable to talk about it, even if you really want to.


9. And allowing the darkness to cloud your mind.


10. One of the most devastating facets of depression is that you literally cannot help yourself:

11. It just feels like a vicious cycle of lethargy and adversity:


12. Depression is a breakdown when you least expect it:


13. It is positive affirmations that don’t mean shit.


14. To make matters worse, depression can be difficult to recognize and diagnose.


15. This is what depression is, and isn’t:


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