Which Beauty Product You Should Be Using Based On Your Sign

There’s a zodiac arrangement for basically everything out there from who you’re best suited to date, to what colors might potentially make your astrologically-inclined soul really pop. Guess what? Top astrologer and beauty guru, Tamerri Ater of The Astrofashionista, spoke with us and says that very same is true of your beauty routine, too. That means astrology-believers should be paying attention to their skin, hair, and facial shapes according to the stars that guide them. Here’s what she says every sign should be investing in when it comes to their beauty routine.


“Aries is the first sign of the zodiac so keeping abreast of trends is a must — cushions, essences and sheet masks being all the rage. An innovative gel mist to boost hydration and fight skin damaging free radicals is just what this sign needs to protect that beautiful face.” One to try, Wei Rice Sprout Express Glow Illuminating Mask, or a gel-based skincare option from the Neutrogena Hydro Boost collection.




“Taurus is the sign most in tuned with the five senses so luxury and comfort are always on their minds.  This Venus ruled sign should invest in an indulgent, buttery sleep mask or night cream that hydrates and rejuvenates skin overnight.” Opt for a rich, creamy face scrub, mask, or body butter to get your best Taurus vibes going. One to try: Kaffe Cosmetics Kona Coffee Face Scrub, because it honestly feels like a rich latte on your skin.



“Gemini is a mutable air sign, which means they like change and are adaptable.  Since they won’t be caught dead with the same hairstyle for too long, a temporary hair color spray is perfect for this sign that has the reputation for having two personalities.” One to try: Colorsmash Pink Hairspray, $20,  because it’s easy to use and super cute.



“Cancers are nurturers at heart and should learn to give as much love to self as they do to others. Treating themselves to an at-home spa night with a bubble bath and exfoliating body scrub followed by a rich body cream will keep this crab from being well…crabby.” One to try, The Body Shop British Rose Petal Soft Bath Foam, $15, because the bubbles are divine and you’ll smell like the fanciest British princess ever. 

bubble bath


“What’s a lion without its mane? Leo’s love being the center of attention so it’s time to adopt the #BigHairDontCare mentality. Straight and wavy Leos should invest in foam rollers or a new curling iron. Naturally curly lions should go big or go home by brushing out their natural curls and adding lightweight oil for shine.” One to try: ghd Wave Wand, $199, because soft, lion-like curls are in your future. 



“Virgo is the sign of the virgin but that doesn’t mean they have to keep “virgin” hair forever. Adding some fun highlights or balayage to their hair is a small risk. More conservative Virgos can take a page out of Gemini’s book and try temporary hair color first.” One to try:  Roux Fanci Full temporary hair color rinse, $6.59.



“Libras live for relationships and partnerships so it’s only natural that they would gravitate towards products that serve a dual purpose. A double-ended mascara that includes both a volumizing primer and lengthening mascara formula in one is the perfect match for this sign, or any other dual purpose product.” One to try: Votre Vu bebe Duette Tarte D’Amande Luxe Lips and Hand Cream Duo, $18, because you’re a born multi-tasker and the scent of almonds is everything.



“Sultry Scorpios have the ability to hypnotize people with their gaze so they should make sure their eyes are always on point. Lining them with a chunky kohl pencil liner in an unexpected jewel tone will keep onlookers mesmerized and inspired.” That jewel tone thing carries over to all makeup, though, so rich colors are a MUST. One to try: Vapour Organic Beauty Multi-Use Palette, $46.

vapour organic beauty palette


“Sagittarians love to travel – even if the destination is not that far away from home. This Jupiter ruled sign loves spontaneity so it’s essential that they carry travel friendly makeup remover wipes to keep their skin in check without compromising having fun.” One to try, Dermalogica Skin Purifying Wipes, because they’re easy to travel with and have acne-combatting ingredients so you don’t need to load your bag with extra products.

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“Capricorns are goats but they are the workhorses of the zodiac who are usually short on time. A quick drying makeup brush cleanser is a must have for this sign which prefers to spend more time in the boardroom than in the bathroom.” One to try, Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel for makeup brushes, $8.99.

rupaul makeup


“Aquarius, the water bearer is often mistaken for a water sign but it’s an air sign. Aquarians have a ‘hybrid’ personality, so a hybrid liquid to powder foundation is perfect for this Uranus ruled sign that wants a smooth finish sans cakiness.” One to try, BeYu Velvet Mat Foundation



“Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions so a serum with Omega-3 Fatty Acids is perfect for this sign. We all know beauty starts from within so double team that beauty regimen by also taking a daily fish oil or flaxseed pill for healthy skin, hair and nails.” One to try: Seabear (it’s the Omaha Steaks of Salmon), because dinner can make you beautiful.


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