Chrissy Teigen Flaunted Her Stretch Marks On Snapchat And It’s Total #MomGoals

If there was ever a celebrity that defined #MomGoals, it would without a doubt be Chrissy Teigen. Her unfiltered honesty about motherhood and the changes her body has gone through post-pregnancy are more than inspirational. Being a mom isn’t always rainbows and butterflies and Teigen owns that. We can’t help but admire her openness and normality. Not to mention, her little family is too fucking adorable to handle.

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Chrissy Teigen may be one of the most gorgeous moms on the planet.

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Her hubby John Legend posted this pic of Tiegen and their 4 month-old baby girl, Luna on his Instagram and it’s too cute to handle. Of course, Chrissy looks absolutely flawless in all her motherly glow.

But she’s also one of the realest celeb moms out there.

Teigen posted this beautiful photo of her new born Luna. No filters or makeup required. Since her pregnancy, she has been brutally honest about the way her body has been affected and she owns every up and down that these changes bring.

Teigen’s most recent “mom probs” post on Snapchat showed off her stretch marks.

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She captions the pic “lol my thighs have tributaries” proving she hasn’t lost her since of humor to the trials of pregnancy.

Much like we do, the internet is loving her for it.

Especially this mom.

Kudos for being the most real celeb out there Chrissy!


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