13 Vintage Instagram Shops You Need To Be Following For Style Inspo

It seems as though there’s a holiday for everything these days. 99% of them I ain’t even mad at (National Lasagna Day, National Milkshake Day, etc.) because they have to do with food, but many of them I can’t even wrap my head around (Take Your Plants for a Walk Day, Friendship Day).

Today happens to be National Thrift Shop Day, and that is always something I can get behind—especially when by ‘thrift’ we’re actually talking curated vintage.  One of the best platforms for both buying and selling these types of old-school-cool garments in terms of price and ease of accessibility is, of course, Instagram.

Whether your ~aesthetic~ is ’50s rockabilly, ’60s mod, ’70s glam rock, or ’90s grunge, (yeah I skipped the ’80s, not my favorite style decade, what of it?) or if you like to switch it up from one day to the next, these IG accounts will have garments you’re looking for, pieces you didn’t even know you needed, and a whole lot of fresh style inspiration.

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1. backbite_

BACKBITE is seriously badass. Run by a self-described ‘So-cal femme fatale mob,’ the shop features tons of altered handmade goods and some of the coolest vintage tees, denims, and leathers you’ll ever fine. Think: Harley Davidson enamel pins, Camel Cigarettes Americana, Budweiser beer bathing suits.

2. Gypsetter

Gypsetter is a traveling (truck!) boutique based out of good ole Austin, TX. Blending a rock and roll aesthetic with that forever classic ‘60s and ‘70s bohemian-chic grace, the shop’s IG features band tees, feminine maxis, and leather jackets over lace gowns…for starters.

3. Noir Ohio 

Lee button front overalls • newly added to the shop

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Maggie Leadman has been doing her vintage thing out of Ohio for over a decade, and it shows. Not because she can grab a ‘50s sundress or a pair of ‘70s bellbottom jeans and look flawless. Because she knows style, knows it instinctively, and is guaranteed to have new gear to suit all sartorial approaches on a daily basis.

4. Vacation SF

1920s Chinese jacket, indigo dyed shorts, all dropping today in the #instashop 👉🏿@vacationsf4sale

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VACATION is a physical store located in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood with an Instagram shop they update daily. Their basement has been a creative haven since their birth, housing shows, poetry readings, and art exhibits, if that gives you any idea of what they’re all about. They also sell records and old tapes amid a mishmash of books and treasure chotchkies.

5. Hellhound Vintage

If unbearably soft vintage band tees and ‘70s glam/boho rock and roll is your vibe, Hellhound Vintage is your spot. The LA based boutique houses impeccable vintage as well as hand-crafted goodies, evoking a feel for the nostalgic, the dreamy, the nomadic, and the new school cool all at once.

6. Spanish Moss

New Arrivals now :: Free shipping everywhere all day w/code SOLSTICE 🌓🌗

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Another LA-based boutique, Spanish Moss is unique in that it houses styles ranging from Victorian, to grunge, to current. It caters to “artists, it-girls, trendsetters, gypsies, or just those in spirit” and has appeared in huge publications worldwide. Above all, many of the clothes are feminine on the verge of ethereal, fit for angels everywhere.

7. Desert Vintage

Soon 🎥❤️

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The Tucson, Arizona shop has been around since 1974, their longstanding presence a testament to their skilled vestiary eye. Desert Vintage mixes the vintage and the contemporary while maintaining a wholly southwestern and infinitely elegant vibe through colors and textiles.

8. Charm School Vintage

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.37.16 AM (2).png
Instagram – @charmschoolvintage

Owned by world-renowned stylist and art director Shari Gerstenberger, Charm School Vintage not only features flawless pieces from a variety of decades, its presence in Austin, TX as a simultaneous music and art space seeps into the essence of the garment it houses in a way that is difficult to describe yet inexorable in emotion.

9. auh2oshop

Shopping vintage can get super pricey, so it seemed necessary to include an NYC shop with sweet deals and vintage, thrifty duds. DvF flats for 18 bones? Sign me up!

10. Shrimptoncouture

It’s been labeled “The-Net-A-Porter of Vintage” as well as “The Best Vintage Clothing Site in the World” by the likes of Vogue. That’s basically all you need to know, aside from the fact that even if you’re not looking to buy, this IG is worth following if only for the gorgeous shots a young Kate Moss or Vogue Oscar de la Renta ads from the ’70s.

11. The Kissing Tree Vintage

Successful day with @yessysetssail today shooting lots of fun vintage!

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Based out of Sarasota, FL, The Kissing Tree Vintage is the ultimate blend of classic, feminine, and comfortable. Their Etsy store is resplendent with garments, especially skirts and dresses, meaning you’ll never want for product.

12. Squash Blossom Vintage

This Texas-based shop is unique in that it so heavily incorporates the personal life of owner Molly Salvi. She describes her shop as ‘a collection of rare and beautiful pieces for the opulent Bohemian,’ and more accurate words cannot be chosen. Her garments are dreamy, practical, and beautiful in their simplicity and detail—but maybe the best part are that they are included in and somehow interwoven with her daily life, one heavily featured in her IG in which we regularly get to see her two adorable baby girls, just livin’ life on a farm.

13. Worship LA

Worship LA is on the up and up, a boutique including men’s and women’s fashion that incorporates the feel of their community using classic and trending vintage pieces from the 1900’s through today. They’re fairly affordable and much more fun and eclectic than some other ‘highly curated’ vintage shops of their caliber.

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