Here’s Why Everyone’s Watching Hot Guys Do 22 Pushups

Do we have your attention yet? Hot guys doing pushups is usually enough to make any girl’s ears perk up, but top that with a good cause and you’ve got yourself a panty dropper. So why are these hotties all over the internet right now?

Well, after the undeniable success of the ice bucket challenge which raised funds for the ALS Association and research for Lou Gehrig’s disease, a new philanthropic social trend emerged known as the 22-Pushup Challenge. The campaign was started by a nonprofit association known as 22Kill which aims to raise awareness for suicide rates among veterans which was discovered to be an average of 22 per day.

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A handful of celebrities began nominating each other for the challenge in hopes of boosting awareness to the next level.

Jurassic Park stud Chris Pratt and wife, Anna Faris completed their 22 last week and nominated Vincent D’Onofrio, The Rock, and John Krasinski. According to the 22Kill website, participants are encouraged to add variety to the movement so long as they follow the same rules.

The one and only Rock hit his 22 with ease (obvi), but he had a little help from his pup Hobbs.

That body, though. Mr.Rock we would watch you do pushups all day every day and then some.

Office hunk, John Krasinski followed suit, completing his challenge alongside fur baby, Finn.

Hot guys and dogs are our biggest weaknesses (besides wine of course). Like, how could you not watch this on repeat? Can we switch places with Finn? Because we would be way more enthusiastic.

Krasinski nominated Captain America AKA Chris Evans for the challenge.

Again, hot guys and dogs. We might need a minute over here. Evans dog Dodger is seriously our spirit animal right now. Aside from the fact that he’s absolutely adorable, he just gets to watch Captain Panty Dropper do pushups and lick his face. Oh to be a dog.

American sweetheart and utterly mouthwatering Houston Texan  J.J. Watt was also nominated and we might love him even more now.

Do you think he could do those with us sitting on his back? Probably, I mean why not? We can’t even handle this beast of a man. Excuse us, we’re totally not about to stalk his Instagram.

What can we say? Hot guys, pushups, and a good cause, it doesn’t get much better than that.
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