There’s Some Weird Sh*t Going Down With ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Right Now

When a deluge of shit starts to fall, the only way we can deal with such an occurrence is to ask ourselves: “Wait, why is shit falling from the sky?” and step back to trace the situation to its very conception.

Which is what I am going to attempt to do in regards to Inside Amy Schumer taking an extended leave of absence (and possibly even being cancelled).

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Over the weekend, renowned comedy theatre Upright Citizen’s Brigade staged an investigation involving one of their regular male comedians (Aaron Glaser) and several rape allegations made against him. They apparently found Glaser to be guilty of these allegations and banned him from the theatre. Several other comedy venues followed suit, barring Glaser from their premises.

Needless to say, the decision sparked a series of conversations (some well-informed, some otherwise) among male and female comics within the community.

One of these “conversations” took place on Kurt Metzger’s Facebook page. Metzger, if you were unaware, is a writer on Inside Amy Schumer — and created several Facebook posts (since deleted, but hooray for screenshots!) which seemed highly unsympathetic to the purported victims in the situation.

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Female comics and allies within the UCB community took umbrage to Metzger’s insensitive comments. The comedians tweeted at Amy Schumer herself, asking how she could, in good conscience, employ a man who felt this way.

Metzger unfortunately chose the opportunity to goad his criticizers rather than allay their accusations.

Amy Schumer was notably mute for the majority of the Twitter storm — and even blocked Twitter users who tweeted at her about Metzger.

On Wednesday, Schumer released a statement to her fans via Twitter, saying she was “saddened and disappointed” by Kurt’s actions.

Schumer then claimed that Kurt was not, in fact, a writer on her show, leading many to believe that he had been fired.

Schumer later clarified that she did not fire Metzger, but that there was simply no more Inside Amy Schumer.

This statement naturally caused some confusion, as everyone started making guesses about whether or not Amy had quit the show, or whether the show had been canceled.

Schumer assured fans that Inside Amy Schumer wasn’t canceled, but the show was on hiatus for the time being.

Then she plugged her new book, because, y’know, PR and stuff.

So, what did we learn from this in-depth shit-storm-scavation?

1. Victim-blaming is never okay.

2. Comedian Kurt Metzger made some insensitive comments about rape victims and accusers, and will most likely not return to write for Inside Amy Schumer.

2. If you send her tweets she doesn’t like, Amy Schumer will maybe block you.

3. Inside Amy Schumer won’t be returning to Comedy Central until after the holidays at least (if ever).

4. Oh, and don’t forget to buy her book!

Any questions?

On the bright side, the comedy community seems to be using this situation as an opportunity to do some major soul-searching in an attempt to relate to one another a little bit better.

And in the midst of all this shit, that’s kind of heartening to know.

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