Pornhub Finally Answers The Question Of Whether Size Matters

It’s the age-old question: “Does size really matter?” Some might say no, size doesn’t matter, it’s just how you use it. However, others would argue that yes, size does indeed makes a (huge) difference. Well, now we have somewhat of a scientific answer to this question, thanks to a study Berry did in conjunction with Pornhub Insights.

The study revealed that both men and women search for “big dick” videos on Pornhub, but women do it 46% more frequently than the guys. And, in case you were wondering, there’s actually some scientific explanation behind the “dick” vs. “cock” terminology and who’s using these words. According to the study, women are 122% more likely to use the word “dick” in their searches than men, but only 7% more likely to use the word “cock.” (Men, on the other hand, are 94% more likely to search using the word “cock.” Interesting.)

If the math is hurting your head, we’ll shorten it for you: Women like the word “dick,” while men like the word “cock.” Keep these vocabulary flashcards in mind next time you break out the dirty talk.


We also looked into the geographical regions where the term “dick” is most likely to be searched as opposed to “cock.” Turns out that there are only seven states where women are more into the word “cock” – Washington, California, Utah, Texas, Florida, Ohio, and New York. Everywhere else, the dick reigns.


But as far as specific search phrases, there’s a common thread among the women’s searches: they all include some kind of variation on size. The leading player among women is this gem: “big black dick,” followed closely by “big dick,” and “bbc” (and we all know what that stands for right? Right.)

We feel the need to mention the next runner up because it’s just so full of imagery: “monster cock.” Yes, women are legit searching for “monster cock” in their porn, so if you’ve ever typed that into a search toolbar, congrats! You’re not alone.


And in case you’re wondering which states are the most interested in big dicks, Pornhub can answer that for you too. According to their study, ladies in D.C. search the most for “big dicks,” followed closely by Mississippi, Georgia, Alaska, Louisiana, and Arkansas. The states that are least likely to care are Vermont, Utah, Maine, Idaho, and North Dakota. Hmm. Guess it really is colder up north?


And it’s not just women in the U.S. that are searching for big dicks in their porn – it’s women all over the world. The top countries where this search trend is prominent? The United States, South Africa, Jamaica, Kenya, and Nigeria. Canada is also up there, along with some European countries, such as The U.K. and Sweden.


So, the moral of the story is clear. Even though lots of women will attest to the fact that a man’s skill in bed is just as important – and sometimes more important – than size, many women still want something, uh, large to look at when watching porn. And there’s nothing wrong with a search history full of “monster cock.”

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