15 Men And Women Divulge The Strangest Thing That’s Interrupted Them During Sex

Sex is one of the most intimate things two people could share, so naturally the universe would try often to fuck that shit up and make it uncomfortable as hell. The first time I went down on a guy I was extremely into at the time, my nose started bleeding and I ruined his very expensive all-white sheets. At the time, we laughed, because what else do you do in that situation? We all seem to take sex extremely seriously in our society, completely forgetting about the fact that it is a ridiculous act involving smashing two bodies into each other in mostly uncomfortable ways.

I wanted to know if other people have shared my experience with the dark and bleak comedy that comes with the territory of making love to someone. I asked 15 of my friends about the most awkward moment that has interrupted sex for them, and their answers are as cringeworthy as the idea of me bleeding out on someone’s $200 sheets.

1. Gregory, 35.

“My mother in-law trying to FaceTime me to unclog her toilet, feeling free to show me and my wife just how bad the clog was.”

2. Bradley, 29.

“One time I was hooking up with this girl and her younger brother walked in while my pants were around my ankles and we were posted up on the couch. Needless to say we had to give him some hush money to not tell her parents what we were up to.”

3. Isaac, 32.

“I once was inside my girlfriend and about to finish when she said “I love you, I’m pregnant.”

4. Nate, 25.

“I’ve had a girl vomit on my dick while giving me head. Even though I was not toooooo traumatized by it she never called me back again.”

5. Clark, 29.

“I’ve had my roommate knock on my door and ask me to run out and buy toilet paper while I was with a girl before. There is something about imagining my roommate with his pants around his ankles that just didn’t put her in the mood afterwards.”

6. Paul, 26.

“One time I was on a cruise ship and I locked eyes with a cruise attendant and we started to hook up in the bathroom but then a mother began knocking on the door asking when whomever was inside would be done because her son had to pee. We got the nastiest look ever when we walked out together.”

7. Michael, 25.

“I’ve had a guy stop me mid-hookup one morning to tell me he was about to be late for church and needed to leave.”

8. Hillary, 28.

“I once had a guy’s mom knock on his bedroom door and ask if he had any underwear he needed to wash.”

9. Carlos, 27.

“I’ve had a girl once while I was in her and close to finishing get very serious and say ‘wait, do you have a condom? I think we should put it on.’ and after that I had to stop because I just was in disbelief.”

10. Sarah, 27.

“Halfway through a guy going down on me he stopped and said ‘my turn’ and turned around so I could rim him. I’m all for exploring but I was so caught off guard!”

11. Chris, 25.

“Once during sex I got a call that my grandfather had passed away from a heart attack and that I should jump on the next flight to New York for his funeral.”

12. Josh, 28.

“Halfway through sex with this girl at a house party her friend barged into the room and started sobbing about her boyfriend texting another girl and the girl I was with started to talk her through it while I was still inside of her.”

13. Christopher, 19.

“My dad walked in on my girlfriend having sex while I was in high school and all he said was ‘good job.’ before closing the door!”

14. Kevin, 24.

“Once I had a guy told me he needed to leave during sex because he had forgotten to feed his dog. In retrospect I was probably just terrible in bed but at the time I truly believed him.”
Jamie, 22, “My cat vomiting on the comforter right as we were about to finish

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