17 People On What They Really Don’t Miss About The ’90s

Ah, the ’90s…an era of great music and interesting fashion choices. Not to mention, solid Nickelodeon shows and VHS’s rented from Blockbuster. Feeling nostalgic yet? While the ’90s were undeniably a fun time, there are some rather unique and outdated trends we’d rather not see repeated. Here’s what Reddit had to say about their ’90s experiences and what they hope to never relive.

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1. Bhikkux was not about that walkman life.

Portable cd players that were too wide to fit in your jean pockets.

2. demonedge remembers the sounds of dial up crushing their soul.

DGAA DUNN DNNNNDD Pshhhkkkkkkrrrrkakingkakingkakingtshchchchchchchchcchdingdingding

Edit: “Welcome to AoL”


3. For mama_cool, awkward just kept getting more awkward.

Being an awkward teenager. Thank god I’m an awkward adult now.

4. Sorry wolverine-claws, looks like this trend is making a comeback.

Tattoo neck chokers. Oh, wait, they’re fucking BACK. I really don’t miss those scrunchies with the fake hair on them, they were so foul.

5. bernath was not a fan of Nextel.

Being at a restaurant and listening to the person at the next table over conduct an entire conversation using their Nextel push-to-talk.


6. tacofixestanks knows what’s up.

Frosted tips.

7. We’re with Alterd_mind on this one. What would the world be like without Google?

Typing in the entire fucking URL because Google didn’t exist. Also trying to find shit online without google.

8. PancakeSanchez, those were always a fun surprise, huh?

Spammy pop up ads that covered the whole page. No matter what you were looking at, porn might pop up.

Also, I had a horrible neon orange windbreaker.

9. ScarlZagan calling out JT on his curly locks.

Justin Timberlake’s Ramen hair.


10. Avtomat_Kalashnikova, we remember the beeper struggle.

Beepers. Damn things were only useful for paging on-call employees to hospital jobs and for coded communication with your friendly neighborhood illicit intoxicant peddler.

11. 77remix reminds us of the “be kind rewind” days.

Rewinding my VHS before returning it to blockbuster.

12. Justin_Timberbaked, again with the dial-up. Nobody loved that shit.

Having to make sure no one was on the phone while using the Internet.


13. Let’s be honest, mac-0 we all downloaded some Limewire tunes.

Limewire. Every song you downloaded was like a highstakes game of /r/FiftyFifty. What are you gonna get? The song or the virus?

14. ksuwildkat has a point.

Car stereo theft. People don’t even think about it now but back then you had to take a ton of precautions to not have your car stereo stolen. Factory radios were such shit that everyone put something in their cars and because of that there was a market for stolen ones. I had a slide out and used to have moments of terror when I realized I had forgotten to move it to the trunk before leaving my car somewhere. And it wasn’t just the loss of the stereo that sucked. A lot of the time the thieves hacked up your dash to get the thing out. It could cost a ton just to make the car work again let alone have tunes. Depending on your insurance, replacement might not be covered or it would only cover the replacement of the factory one.

15. Ford_Perfect_lx, that AOL life seems like such a long time ago.

Trying to think of cool things to post as my away status on AOL instant messenger.


16. Yeah, maklershed‘s right about that one.

Not having a dvr.

17. GodEaterSha, same AF. I remember wearing some not too cute outfits for picture day.

Wearing dresses for photo day at school who’s print matched grandmas couch.

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