13 Things You Can’t Help But Love About the End of Summer

Remember back in April, right around spring break time, when your countdown to summer had just begun? By May 1, you were checking your weather app like a woman obsessed, hoping for the perfect beach day. After all, you just bought a new two-piece that you look killer in. You were working hard, but you were ready to play harder. Soon enough, you had weekend plans mapped out for the whole season.

Cut to: August, and you’re thinking, Is it still the summer? I’m so fucking hot. I want to literally murder anyone who stands within 4.5 inches of me. Back the fuck up. Don’t you know it’s 101 degrees outside? All you can think about is fall foliage and a high temperature that’s 70 or less. Here, 13 of the best things about the final days of summer.

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1. Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and finding that ~perfect~ sweater.

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Yes, you’re gonna live in it from now until at least April 25. There’s just something about layering up and feeling fuzzy all over. Also, you’re looking forward to shelving the bikini and slipping into something blousy and black that—let’s be honest here—is welcome and forgiving after a summer filled with rosé and s’mores. Repeat after me: Sweaters, scarves, and ooh, Stuart Weitzman riding boots that are marked 60 percent off? Yes, please!

2. Getting naked like a normal person.

Remember coming back home after running errands for all of one hour and literally having to peel off your clothes? Getting undressed is fuck of a lot easier when it’s not 101 degrees, and your clothes aren’t glued to your body. (We don’t need to talk about how great this is for spur-of-the-moment sex, right?)

3. The nostalgia is out of control.

Ah, the memories you’ll keep with your camp co-counselors, your house share friends, and/or your summer job colleagues. You made each other swear up and down that the night you guys ate seven slices of pizza (each) at 2:30 a.m. sans bras will never be repeated. You’ll remember the good times, while simultaneously trying to forget the bad and blacked out ones.

4. Back to school time means all new errrthang.

You got a new bag for your new books for your new classrooms where you’ll meet new men that you might bring back to your new apartment (that freaking dorm room and nosy roommate was so last year!) for some new sex.

5. It’s finally socially acceptable to fangirl out on all of the pumpkin spice.

giphy (3)Giphy

Pretty sure even before your local pool is drained, every company everywhere launches something having to do with pumpkin. From pumpkin spiced lattes (cha-ching, Starbucks!) to pumpkin spiced anal lube, ’tis the season. And if you love it, it’s totally okay to own it, now that it’s the end of summer.

6. More opportunities to get buff—and to bang!

Finally, you can commit to workouts like hikes and bike rides without feeling like you’re going to get the flop sweats and your insides are going to fall onto the ground. In the fall, the weather is just begging you to plan your dates outdoors in some capacity. Also, you did tell your bae you wanted a more colorful sex life. Maybe he’ll get the hint and throw you down in a pile of leaves?

7. Bad hair days are soon to be a distant memory.

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Sure, we’re in for some hot days still, but soon enough, it’ll be buh-bye humidity, hellllllo luscious locks! With fall weather comes blowouts that actually last a long time and don’t frizz up the moment you leave the salon. #TameHairDontCare.

8. Your actual shows coming back on.

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You can cancel your Netflix subscription (for now) because you don’t need to binge on OITNB for the seventh time or watch mind-numbing summer programming options (cough – Bachelor in Paradise). Fuck those hiatuses! Bring my Grey’s Anatomy back. Also, lots of sparkly new TV will premiere. (But thank you Bravo for keeping the Real Housewives going all summer long. This is not lost on us.)

9. No one will think you’re crazy if you start planning your Halloween costume. (Right?)

Okay, you admit it’s kind of ridiculous for CVS to have an aisle of Halloween merchandise in August, but holy shit does it get you excited! (You already know what you’re being, naturally.) And after that come even more holidays—aka WINE TIME.

10. You can vacay at the fancy beaches like a boss.

Just because Labor Day has come and gone doesn’t mean the upscale beach resorts or Airbnbs near your closest ritzy beach town are closed for business. What it does mean is that season is over and that 14-bedroom house in East Hampton that you saved as your favorite just dropped a shit ton in price. Aw yeah.

11. Your electric bill is about to be so pretty that you’ll consider framing it.

Cooler nights call for open windows and air that’s fresh. This means your A/C isn’t working overtime trying to cool down your entire place and your bill is suddenly lower than you’ve seen in months. (More cash in your bank account = see #1.)

12. You get to drink all the drinks.

giphy (4)

Want to refresh with a rose? Sure. Want to warm up with a hot toddy? Yup. Hard apple cider? Why not. Pina colada? Yes, please. You get the picture. This transitional timeframe really allows you to live your best life.

13. You can get away with wearing just about anything you damn well please.

That sheer white sundress you weren’t so sure you could pull off? Wear it. The crazy neon yellow polish you pinned but haven’t had the guts to pick at the salon? Put it on your hands and toes, you rebel. While you’ve still got that summery glow, and before you have to hide all your cuteness under a parka, just freaking do it all.

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