What Foods You Should Be Eating Based On Your Astrological Sign

Like everything else in life, if you’re an astrology fan, there’s a way to tie your sun, moon, and various planets into just about every aspect of your life. The same can be said for what you put in and on your body, so I spoke to top astrologer, Juliana McCarthy of EtherealCulture.com to get the scoop on what’s right for each sign. Rejoice, because some of us are meant for wine.

Aries rules the head and brain.

“When fiery Aries busy themselves with excitement and challenges, they are prone to headaches from stress. Cayenne and Feverfew are helpful supplements for this sign, as well as a head massage and a glass of wine.” We’ll take you up on that glass of wine for sure, Juliana. A good glass of red to try with just about any meal is Joseph Carr 2012 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon or a 2014 Barone Fini Merlot, because you’re too fab for the regular stuff.  In the unfortunate event you only have the mundane, mass produced stuff at home because you didn’t realize until now that investing some time in finding decent bottle is often worth it, fear not. Wine wands exist to magically remove a lot of the weird headache causing ingredients and chemicals that often plague the cheapies. $17.99 for a box of many, DrinkPureWine.com.


red wine glasses

Taurus rules the neck, ears, and throat.

“Accordingly, sensual Taurus people are prone to colds and earaches, especially when their energy becomes stuck with their stubbornness and sluggishness. Apple cider vinegar and raw honey are helpful remedies for this sign, as well as regular steam baths.” Manuka honey is said to be the best curing honey for a host of ailments and issues, so go ahead and add a spoonful of that to your life first. One to try: Manuka Doctor, $20.


manuka doctor honey


Gemini rules the lungs, shoulders, arms, and hands.

“With active minds and communication, intelligent Geminis are prone respiratory ailments and anxiety. Eating raw apples for the quercetin and taking a walk in nature are helpful remedies for this sign.”




Cancer rules the breasts, chest, and stomach.

“As the most emotional and food-loving sign of the zodiac, nurturing Cancers are prone to overeating, obesity, and digestive issues. Probiotics and raw-based diets are particularly healthy for this sign.” Try replacing calorie-heavy drinks with probiotic-loaded and digestive-friendly Kombucha. One to try: Spiced Apple kombucha by Brew Dr., to get things ‘moving’ so to speak. List of available stores here.


Leo rules the heart, back, spine, and blood.

“When loyal Leo overdoes himself, he could experience back pain or heart problems. Regular massages, Rolfing, or bodywork would be helpful for this sign, as well as eating raw garlic and supplementing with the herb Hawthorne.” Raw garlic is easy enough if you’ve got a decent garlic press. Try this one by Chef’n, and mix a little into soups, salad dressings, sauces, or even just smother your dish in it. You’ll be better for it, promise.


foods you should be eating based on your astrological sign 23 What Foods You Should Be Eating Based On Your Astrological Sign


Virgo rules the abdomen and intestines.

“Since she is prone to worrying, she could frequently find herself with digestive issues. Fernet Branca, an Italian bitter, works wonders for untangling dear Virgo’s nervous stomach, as well as eating yogurt or other probiotic-rich foods.” Try a protein and probiotic rich yogurt like Chobani, which is sold just about everywhere, and proudly boasts a ‘no bad stuff’ policy when it comes to weird and harmful ingredients.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 4.48.15 PM

Libra rules the kidneys, adrenals, and skin.

“Staying hydrated is key for Libra’s health. Attracted to rich foods, artistic Libra is sometimes prone to diarrhea or constipation, as well as skin problems. Borage oil, flax seeds, and the ashwagandha herb are all helpful for this sign.” Libras are balanced people, and part of life balance is the ability to poop. You need that, and the universe wants it for you. Eat some seeds, drink some water.




Scorpio rules the genitals and bladder.

Is anyone really surprised that scorpios rule genitals? I thought not. “Any remedies to balance hormones and maintain bladder health would be helpful to sexy Scorpio. Coconut oil and goldenseal are both very supportive for this sign.”


Sagittarius rules the hips, thighs, and vision, as well as body wisdom traditions.

“Practicing yoga, qigong, or tai chi are especially helpful for adventurous Sag, as well as supplementing with beta-carotene and eating foods rich in Vitamin A.” Root veggies and brightly colored produce are the way to endless health. Try Fawen soups for an easy to buy, pour, and eat burst of beta-carotene rich vegan superfoods like beets, purple cabbage, and sweet potato. As far as vegan, paleo-friendly foods go, these are next level delish.




Capricorn rules the bones and joints.

And since they’re big on money, let’s just assume joint bank accounts, too. “Capricorns are prone to broken bones and join inflammation. Ginger and turmeric for join health and eating lots of greens for healthy bones are both helpful for diligent Capricorn.” Try whipping up an easy stir-fry loaded with green veggies, a dash or turmeric, ginger, and soy sauce in an electric home skillet like this one by BELLA for a quick Capricorn-healing dinner.



Aquarius rules the ankles and circulation.

“They could particularly benefit from acupuncture and the supplement Gingko Bilboa. Eccentric Aquarius might also benefit from being cautious—They are prone to klutziness since they primarily inhabit their brilliant minds.” We hear that, planets.


Pisces rules the nervous system and feet.

“Pisceans could benefit from foot acupressure and immunity boosting supplements like Vitamins C and B6. Dreamy, spiritual Pisces could also benefit from more esoteric healing arts, such as Reiki or shamanic healing, while also learning grounding exercises, like body scanning and baths in salts.”



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