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What Your Favorite ’90s Female TV Character Says About You

Before TiVo, before Hulu, and before Netflix, there was parking yourself in front of your family TV, Arizona Iced Tea in hand, to settle in for your programming of choice, commercials and all, every night. Yep, we’re talking about the ’90s.

We all had our favorite show back then—the one with the character that totally got us—and looking back, it’s impossible to deny the fact that not only did our favorite TV character reveal something about us then, they kind of speak to who we are now.

Here’s what your favorite ’90s TV character says about you. Yes, it’s totally okay if you still secretly think the love of your life is going to appear out of nowhere and kiss you in the rain every time you hear Paula Cole’s “I Don’t Want to Wait.”

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Angela Chase, My So-Called Life

my so called life What Your Favorite ’90s Female TV Character Says About You

No one got you—no one. Especially ABC, who canceled MSCL after just one glorious season. (WTF?!) You might have toyed with the idea of chopping your locks and dyeing them a deep auburn shade after connecting with Angela like you did, but let’s be real: The only reason you would have done it was out of the hope that afterward, your very own Jordan Catalano would appear out of a cloud of Camels smoke from behind the gym. These days, you can laugh about your “nobody understands me phase”—which, come on, everyone goes through—but to this day you can’t look at Jared Leto without feeling some type of way.

Topanga Lawrence, Boy Meets World

When you were younger, you went along with the crowd, because duh, school. But secretly, you longed to wear long, flowy dresses and become vegan (as long as veganism didn’t preclude you from eating the cafeteria cheese fries). You toyed with the idea of changing up your image to surfer girl, hippie girl, or artsy girl, but you just couldn’t go through with it because your friends would have crucified you for it. These days, you’ve got your feet on the ground, but you’ve never met a peasant shirt you didn’t like.

Joey Potter, Dawson’s Creek

Because you had that part-time job and all those school newspaper assignments, after school hang-outs were a no-go, so a little part of you wanted to cut class with your best friend, but you just. Couldn’t. What if there was a pop quiz? What if the teacher was going over something that would eventually be on a pop quiz?! No way. Then—and now—you’re a rule follower to the core. And despite the goody two-shoes comments you get ad nauseum, you’re cool with being this way. In fact, you’re a firm believer that good, responsible girls who get the best grades also have more fun.

Brenda Walsh, Beverly Hills, 90210

giphybrenda What Your Favorite ’90s Female TV Character Says About You

If you most adored the character everyone loved to hate (oh yes, how could we forget the “I Hate Brenda Newsletter”), you either wished you could be a mouthy drama queen or you actually were one. So what if that jealous cheerleader called you the B-word? B-words get shit done! Anyway, you blame that feud with your BFF on the same flood of hormones that fueled all those daydreams featuring Dylan McKay. But there’s nothing wrong with owning your growing pains, girl. These days, you know when it’s worth it to throw a fit and when to keep your cool. Also, no one has a thicker skin than you now—except maaaybe Beyonce, as she actually twirls on them haters.

Buffy Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Never one to follow the in-crowd—in fact, you ran from them—you were all about being in touch with your ~authentic self~. You never were afraid to stick up for someone who was being bullied or argue with a teacher about your A-minus. Today, you still hold that same conviction, and unlike most people, you have #noregrets about the past. Basically, you are a bad ass, and you know it.

Hilary Banks, Fresh Prince of Bel Air

giphy (18)

There’s one word and one word only to describe you: Diva. While your friends were busy fawning over the clothes from Clueless, you were (successfully) convincing your mom to buy you plaid, pleated minis, and matching tops. Hilary(‘s family) had the means to live the life you aspired to live, but somehow, you always managed to get what you want. Same goes for today—even if that means hitting up your parents for some cash. NBD.

Rachel Green, Friends

tumblr_n7drmuc6SH1qcu8s6o1_500 2

Admit it. You had the haircut. And you might have even “inadvertently” taken on Rachel’s cadence of speech and mannerisms. Back then, you were one part princess, another part actress, and two parts hopeless romantic. And you can’t deny the fact that you still are all of the above now. Though, for the record, you’re either with someone or you’re not. You will never go “on a break.”

Daria Morgendorffer, Daria

You pretty much were counting down the minutes until high school was over, and you could move to New York to pursue your “creative endeavors,” as you always vaguely put it. You literally could not with all the silly cliqués at school, and you physically had to stop your eyes from rolling into the back of your head every time you spotted Jenny Adams and Bryan McLaughlin making out by the third floor water fountain. Your group of friends is bigger now, but you also all do your own thing, because you are independent-minded individuals, okay? Artists, really.

Julia Salinger, Party of Five

Your family was totally awesome and supportive growing up, but there was a part of you that kind of wished they’d just get you a little less. How the hell is one supposed to be brooding and so understandably subject to peer pressure when your mom is constantly buying you new tops, making you awesome lunches, and offering to drop you and your friends off at the mall? You—and your parents—now just lol about that unnecessarily angsty phase. (Well, it was the grunge era, so it’s not 100 percent your fault?) Also, seriously, you could not feel more #blessed to have the family that you do.

D.J. Tanner, Full House.

giphy (21)

You were a sweatshirt, leggings, and Wigwam socks girl through-and-through. You played soccer and softball, participated in after-school clubs (yearbook! cheer squad!), and always had a babysitting gig lined up on the weekend. (Also, not to blow your mind with too many pop culture references, but you’re probably a Babysitters’ Club fangirl for life, right?) While your penchant for “Deej” might embarrass you a little bit these days—and your former clothes—you know exactly who your very own Kimmy Gibbler is, and you’re not ashamed to call her your BFFAEAE.

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