11 Products Every College Girl Needs To Survive The Dorm Bathroom

Ah, the dorm life. It gives me so many overwhelming feelings of nostalgia about my college years. Lofted beds, closet-sized rooms and of course, the community bathrooms. Of all the university experiences, I would have to say I miss those the least.

As much fun as it is to share a bathroom with a dozen other girls, you really learn to appreciate your personal space. It’s one of those necessary evils of freshman year dorms. Never fear though, you will survive and these products will be a huge help.

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1. Shower Caddy

8 pocket shower caddy mesh portable quick dry travel tote carry handle gym dorm2 11 Products Every College Girl Needs To Survive The Dorm Bathroom

Shower caddies are an absolute must. You don’t realize how many toiletries you have until you need to carry them all at once. A caddy is the perfect way to stay organized. Pro tip: go with a mesh design so water can’t get trapped inside. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with some nasty mildew in a few weeks.

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2. Shower Shoes


I cannot stress enough the need for shower shoes. Even if you just buy a $1 pair of flip flops from Walmart, get something! Those showers have been used by hundreds of students and nothing puts a dent in your college experience like athlete’s foot.

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3. Toothbrush Head Cover


This is something I didn’t realize I needed until after using the dorm restrooms for the first time. When you go to put your toothbrush down, it can be exposed to all kinds of bacteria and who knows what else. These cheap caps can help to keep your bristles clean and protected.

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4. Hair Towel Wraps


These hair towels will save your life. Instead of bringing two normal sized towels with you or having to walk back to your room with wet hair, you can use one of these. Simply toss that hair up pin the towel and you’re good to go. Plus, you won’t have to blow dry your hair as much so it’s perfect for those mornings when you’re running late to class.

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5. Dry shampoo


Tbh, I used to be pretty skeptical of dry shampoo, but now I swear by it. If you don’t have time to wash your hair or you pulled an all nighter studying, just spray some of this in and you’ll be good to go. Batiste is by far the best brand. It gives your hair an instant refresh without any residue.

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6. Soap Case


Think about it, after you use your soap the first time it’s going to be slippery and well, soapy. Instead of just tossing it into your caddy and getting everything else sudsy, get a cheap soap case. All your stuff will stay clean and you can rest your soap on it while you shower.

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7. Towel And Washcloth Set


It’s always a good idea to have a matching towel/cloth set, or at least one that is clearly marked yours. That way your roommate can’t “borrow” your towels and you’ll always know which ones are yours.

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8. Toothpaste Squeezer


Let’s be real. Your ass is going to be pretty broke in college. At least, mine was. So, you start saving pennies anywhere you can. That includes your toothpaste, face wash, lotion, etc. These squeezers can help you get out every last drop. Plus, the lips are pretty cute.

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9. Bath Wrap Towel


Bath wrap towels can also be a great idea for walking back to your room after a shower. They velcro shut so you don’t have to worry about a slip up. Not to mention, they’re super comfortable and who TF doesn’t love polka dots?

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A makeup eraser is another great way to save money and time. It takes off all of that left over makeup from last night’s party when you over sleep for lecture and are in a rush. No one has to know what you were up to.

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11. Shower Radio


These shower radios are pure genius. I really wish I had one when I was a freshman. They’re super cheap and you can just bring them into the stalls with you. What better way to help wake yourself up after a long night?

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