20 Little Ways To Remind Yourself You’re Beautiful Today

The world can be harsh and can often make you feel like everything you’re doing is wrong–and by extension, everything about you is wrong. I recently went through a period in my life where it was difficult to look in the mirror. Objectively I knew I had nothing to worry about, but part of me felt completely unworthy of people’s time, love, and affection. I convinced myself I wasn’t worthy because I was so focused on the negative in my life that every positive aspect I used to love about myself was snuffed out.

I know I’m not alone in feeling this way — when you’re depressed your entire sense of self is shot to shit and you have to scramble to get it back. If you’re currently feeling unworthy of love and affection, please let me be the first to remind you that those thoughts are untrue. You are worthy of love, and affection, and all the wonderful things in the world.

If you’re having a bad day, week, month, year, please take the time to read this list of 20 small ways to remind yourself every day that you’re the greatest person you’ll ever meet.

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1. Wake up and before you put your feet to the ground think of 5 things you’re thankful for and how lucky you are to be alive.

2. Put together an outfit you’ve never worn before no matter how insane/ mismatched it is. Remind yourself that you can always shake up a rut in your life.

3. Sit for 5 minutes on your couch before walking out the door and remind yourself how incredible you are for earning all the things you are surrounded with.

4. Look in the mirror and repeat “I am stunning.”

5. Treat yourself to your favorite cup of coffee/ tea/ smoothie because you’re WORTH IT.

6. Stop avoiding mirrors and force yourself to look at your reflection as much as you can without looking insanely vain. Remind yourself that no one will ever look like you and how special that is.

7. Take yourself for a nice walk and stop to notice all the beautiful things you see around you.

8. Call your parents – the two people who think they’re beautiful people enough to make another human in their image.

9. Surround yourself with a few close friends and remember how special you are to be in the company of these wonderful people.

10. Remind yourself that beauty is what your heart contains, and has nothing to do with how you look.

11. Avoid people who make you feel any less than stunning. This can even be not answering a text from someone who makes you feel less.

12. Take yourself out on a dinner date with a magazine or a book.

13. Make your own face mask out of organic, house products you have and revel in your self-love.

14. Masturbating once or five times usually makes me feel pretty beautiful/ amazing.

15. Order yourself food in and take a long, hot bath. Remind yourself you’re worth it.

16. Eat an entire carton of ice-cream. Afterwards stare at yourself shirtless in the mirror and tell yourself how hot you are.

17. Watch your favorite movie and have a good cry.

18. Buy yourself a new piece of clothing that makes you feel gorgeous, even if it means just a pair of cute new socks.

19. Deep condition your hair and blow off a date because you’re too busy treating yourself.

20. Cuddle up in bed with a great book and remind yourself how worthy of all the love in the world you are.

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