Back to School Essentials & Tips For A Bomb Ass Semester

Let’s be real here — back to school shopping is basically one of the only things college students and grads look forward to. It’s an excuse to buy new clothes — party dresses and cozy dorm lounge wear (shh, that makes your ass look good) and get over-priced stationery or desk decor from stores like Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie. Once the glamour of new beginnings wears off, things get a little ROUGH. Sleep becomes scarce and it’s every woman for herself.

Whether you’re graduating soon and totally over it or starting college, there are a few things you need to make your semester way more manageable and your mindset a lot more motivated.

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Get ready to kick some ass this semester!

You’re a zombie in the morning, so here’s how to make waking up a little less shitty.

There’s no simple way to get your tired ass out of bed for an 8 AM lecture, but coffee is your friend. Snatch your favorite caffeinated beverage without even waiting in line by registering for a Starbucks account and using your mobile device to order your drink ahead of time. There’s no charge, and you’ll have tons of extra time. Most lecture halls don’t accommodate a coffeeholic’s needs with a place to set down your drink without it getting in the way, but you can bring your very own portable, clip-on cup holder to class for hassle free sipping. Because FANCY.

If you can personally relate to this woman...Congratulations, you're a student.

Get your ass in gear **now** and you will thank yourself later.

Life is unpredictable, but add in the stressors of school and, honestly, anything can go wrong. Especially when you’re stressed or under the weather, getting yourself to go to class becomes as daunting as climbing Mt. Everest. To do your best to avoid times like these, plan ahead and organize your time in a planner. There are tons of cute (and cheap!) ones that you can buy at any office supply store, or you can make your own out of an old notebook. Keep track of all assignments and exams as well as to schedule time for appointments, extracurriculars, or relaxation (which is very important). Because no one wants to wake up confused and hungover…only to go to the wrong class. (Hello, personal experience).


Balance out all that vodka with vitamins and a minimergency kit.

Staying healthy throughout the semester is equally important, since missing class usually pisses your professor off and — shocker — affects your grades. Taking a trip to the pharmacy to create your own “minimergency” kit will be your savior when disaster strikes. Make sure to include aspirin, cold medicine, band aids, a bottle of hand sanitizer, some extra tampons, or anything else you just might need in a pinch.

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If you’re one of the billion or so people on this planet who also eat when you’re bored (hi), do yourself a favor and don’t grocery shop while you’re hungry. Instead, surround yourself with fruits, veggies, and proteins instead of Top Ramen. Because ew, gross. Eating healthy and staying hydrated (try out a water filter instead of drinking that nasty tap water) keeps you energized and improves the function of both your brain and your body.

Buy a bunch of shit to make your room totally cozy.

Monday mornings may just be the least motivating time of the week, and it definitely doesn’t help when you’ve only gotten a few hours of restful sleep. Between studying, working, and having an actual life (ironic that this tends to come first), there isn’t much time leftover for tossing and turning. Some ideas:

Using a thick mattress topper will be the difference between sleeping on rocks and actually sleeping. Many people who sleep on their front or sides often find body pillows to be extremely comfy and decorative. Plus, the pillows and their covers are totally affordable.

Instead of asking your roommate to OMG please shut it for the fifteenth time tonight, invest in a pair of quality earplugs, not the trash kind that you get for plane rides. Better yet, a set of noise cancelling headphones can work the same magic anywhere you go while still looking totally cute. This way you can get your beauty sleep and minimize distractions whenever you need to, leaving you focused and ready for whatever your profs throw at you.

Invest in a coffee pot that a) is pre-made the night before (you will thank yourself for being a genius) or b) sits on a desk right beside your bed. Only in college is this allowed without being completely ridiculous, so when in Rome…

Use your cell phone for things other than Instagram.

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Instead of forcing yourself to sit down and straight up write a paper, force yourself to sit down and look at pictures of adorable cats. The website Written? Kitten! awards you with a new photo of a cuddly kitten, dog, or bunny for every hundred words you write. It’s a win-win!

Many psychological studies suggest that if you write something down you’re more likely to retain or achieve it. If keeping a journal or planner is way too much to handle with your busy schedule, download an app like Evernote where you can keep notes, complete lists, and set reminders or calendar events. It’s an all-in-one app so you don’t have to dig around through your notes to find what you’re looking for.

Here’s to finding at least a little bit more motivation this school year. Whether you’re being rewarded with coffee or cat pictures, just remember the big reward that you’ll find in your GPA after finals. Stay healthy, stay organized, and stay fabulous! Remember, just a few easy changes in your everyday routine will help you #slay this semester.

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