18 simple Pinterest-worthy projects to help you get your sh*t together for fall

With the glory days of Summer coming to a rapid close (*scrambles to put on swimsuit and go to the beach*), it’s time for all of us to start talking about Fall. This autumnal season encapsulates the return to school (and the return to cool-weather fashions), the celebration of Halloween (and cleavage-bearing costumes), and the observance of Thanksgiving (i.e., eating more than anyone ever should).

Essentially: Fall is when awesome stuff happens.

In order to celebrate and usher in this season of warm drinks and cute jackets, here are some truly Pinterest-worthy DIY projects to warm your home and make the transition from summer a bit less bittersweet.


1. Ombrè Pine Cones


Paint the tips of pine cones in various gradients to create a hip twist on a standby autumnal decoration.

2. Acorn-Filled Mason Jar Candles


This project is mind-blowingly simple and economical, and creates a feeling of warmth in your home.

3. Watercolor Leaf Mobile


Overdoing it on the fall leaf decor can look a tad corny, so this craft is a nice way to keep it simple and pretty.

4. Pumpkin Lanterns


No, not jack-o’-lanterns — these pretty pumpkin lanterns simply serve as a glowing source of light, rather than a spooky Halloween decoration.

5. Painted Pumpkins


If you’re like me, and your pumpkin-carving skills leave something to be desired … maybe it’s time to set the knife aside and turn to some paints to provide your Fall decorations.

6. Decorative Felt Acorns

lil5 18 simple Pinterest worthy projects to help you get your sh*t together for fall

These table decorations look like they belong in some sort of Anthropologie store display. Luckily, you won’t have to pay through the nose to replicate the look — just grab some felt, and gather up some acorns!

7. Felt Leaf Wreath


Look, fam: leaves are dry and brittle and fragile. And frankly, they tend to go all over the place. While leafy wreaths are a nice concept, they can become more trouble than their worth if you’re constantly raking your foyer. With this elegant felt wreath, you’ll get the foliage vibe without the annoying crumbling.

8. Candy Corn Candles

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If we’re being honest, candy corn is the classic Halloween fare that nobody actually eats anymore (like those chalky hearts on Valentine’s Day). But, that doesn’t alter the fact that they perfectly encapsulate the feel of Fall. Use them in glass candleholders to show off their nostalgic vibes and make your house smell like sugar!

9. A Fall Berry Wreath


Again, less is more when it comes to wreaths. This particular arrangement work perfectly from September through November, regardless of the holiday. In fact, you could probably even use it through December, if you were so inclined. Lazy autumn decor = achieved

10. Autumnal Sangria


Thank goodness — just because summer is gone doesn’t mean Sangria has to go with it. Red wine and apple cider?? Yes, please!

11. Tree Stump Candle Holders

tree stump candle holder 12 18 simple Pinterest worthy projects to help you get your sh*t together for fall

If you’re thinking “But I live in a fairly urban environment with very few tree stumps!” then I will simply remind you that chopped wood definitely exists at hardware stores and gas stations, and please stop bitching because that is not what DIY is about.

12. Dried Flower Fairy Lights


Use the husks of Peruvian groundcherry blossoms to encase your twinkle lights and give your home the feel of a magical, Fall forest.

13. Stovetop Autumn Potpourri

simmering stovetop potpourri fall 18 simple Pinterest worthy projects to help you get your sh*t together for fall

Making your home smell cozy is as simple as filling a pot with fruit, water and spices, then letting the mixture simmer on the stovetop. No need to do anything with concoction — just let the fragrance waft throughout the house.

14. A Gold-Dipped Feather Garland


This lovely mantelpiece decoration is both rustic and hip. Simply dip feather tips into metallic gold paint, then string them together with twine.

15. Homemade Orange Harvest Sachets

orange harvest sachet 1 edited 18 simple Pinterest worthy projects to help you get your sh*t together for fall

Give your couch cushions, throw pillows and bedding the smell of the season with these handy little sachets. You can also use them in your dresser drawers to make your whole wardrobe smell Fall-fresh.

16. Fall Leaf Strand Lights

image6 18 simple Pinterest worthy projects to help you get your sh*t together for fall

Attach leaves to your white christmas lights to give the illusion of glowing strands of foliage. Definitely a cozy addition to any mantle or window.

17. A Monochromatic Cornucopia


A classic autumnal decoration, with a more modern makeover. Plus, it transitions effortlessly from September to December.

18. Pumpkin Spice Soap


It’s almost Fall, which means the dreaded frenzy for Pumpkin Spice Everything is impending. Break free from the shackles of Basic Bitch-dom (sort of) by making your own pumpkin spice-scented products, such as homemade this soap recipe.

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