15 Products To Keep You And Your Roommates From Killing Each Other

Living with other humans sounds like a simple enough task — but anyone who’s had roommates can attest to the fact that sharing a living space is much trickier than it sounds. There’s the delicate balance of household duties, personalities, body odors (yikes), and house guests to consider. Not to mention the *gasp* sharing of groceries.

Fortunately, we are living in the future, so there are plenty of handy products to mitigate any arguments you and your housemates could potentially have. From chore apps, to dishwasher magnets, these small changes can make a big difference.

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1. The Homeslice App

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This app lets you divvy up household tasks evenly and keep track of them. And the best part is, it’s all online, so no confrontation or conflict necessary! Let the app be the bearer of the bad chore news instead of your roomies.

2. This Dishwasher Magnet


If there’s a giant, bright sign on the dishwasher letting your roommates know that the dishes are dirty, there’s a pretty decent chance someone will go to the trouble of turning the damn thing on.

3. Key Hooks For The Wall


Lessen the possibility of forgetting your keys and getting locked out (thereby forcing you to bother your roomies) by having designated holders for each set of keys. This will also be a handy way to tell who’s in the apartment and who isn’t.

4. The Splitwise App

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A great way to divvy up expenses, such as rent or utility bills, without having to actually discuss the uncomfortable topic of money with your roomies.

5. A Mail Organizer


Keep everybody’s mail separate to lessen the possibility of bickering or blame. (I have no idea why you’d be fighting about mail, but I’m sure, in the History of Roommates, that it has happened before.)

6. A Divided Shower Rack


Lightly and discreetly discourage your roomie from using your expensive shampoo and other toiletries by having a divided shower caddy.

7. Divided Trash Cans


No one should have to argue about recyclables — because I can literally not think of a more annoying or pointless argument. With the help of this trash bin, even your densest roommate will be reminded to separate the trash from the paper and plastic.

8. Personalized Mugs


This way, everyone is responsible for making sure they have at least one clean mug for themselves, and won’t get pissy with you for using up all the coffee cups.

9. A “Chair Of Silence”



Every apartment needs a chair or corner which indicates “I AM QUIETLY DOING STUFF, PLEASE SHUT YOUR FACE HOLE.” Silence and space are necessary for happy co-habitation partners, and it’s important to have some semi-alone time even if you can’t actually have the apartment to yourself.

10. Soundproofing For Your Door


No, this won’t completely muffle the sounds of especially passionate lovemaking or loud music — but it will definitely help.

11. OurGroceries App

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This way, everyone’s grocery lists will be synchronized, and you’ll all be on the same page the household’s food needs — and you won’t all accidentally buy multiple loaves of bread or gallons of milk at the same time.

12. Wireless TV Headphones


Sometimes, you just need silence in the apartment. However, that doesn’t mean that your roommates should be deprived of their favorite music or TV shows. This way, everyone wins, and nobody’s bitching about the TV being too loud.

13. Food Labels


An easy way to alert people to which food is for sharing — and which food isn’t. Get your hands off my almond milk, Jennifer!!

14. A Message Board


Sure, the concept of message boards may have gone out the window, thanks to text messaging, but they still serve an important purpose: they provide a passive and low-key opportunity to alert roommates to grocery needs and maintenance issues without having to sounds too confrontational about it.

 15. A Small Safe


This may seem like a slightly paranoid object to have, but it will help give you peace of mind and dissuade the possibility of losing your valuables (and consequently casting blame). You could also just put your most valuable snacks in there (if you’re serious about your Girl Scout cookies, like me). Either way: it keeps people out of your shit!

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