Taylor Swift Is Serving Jury Duty Like Some Sort Of Peasant

The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards took place last night — and pop royalty Taylor Swift was noticeably absent from the proceedings.

Speculation abounded as to why T. Swift opted out of attending the awards show, including, but not limited to:

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1.) Swift hoped to avoid a run-in with Kim and Kanye following their dramatic (and very public) feud triangle.

2.) This is one of the few years in which the VMAs which did not nominate Swift for any category — despite the fact that she released several music videos over the past year. Perhaps skipping the awards show was Swift’s highly-privileged version of giving MTV the cold shoulder?

3.) She was too busy staging PDA opportunities with her boo, Tom Hiddleston (not likely, but it’s my personal favorite scenario).

While these are all fairly solid and probable theories, the “reasoning” behind Taylor ghosting the VMAs is far more mundane: Swift is apparently busy serving jury duty in her home state of Tennessee — or is at least using the summons as a convenient excuse for skipping out on the inevitable celebrity beefs at this year’s VMAs.


Taylor’s jury look: understated ’90s era crime-thriller attorney. Plus a very conspicuous name tag.


Taylor seemed to be in fairly good spirits about the whole ordeal, considering she was sequestered in a room with a bunch of plebes.


Selfies were, of course, a given.

Not to mention personalized autographs.

Obviously, having Taylor Swift on a jury would be exceedingly distracting, so the odds of Swift advancing much farther in the process of her civic duty is unlikely.

At the very least, Taylor avoided Kanye’s four-minute rant about her, Donald Trump, and (of course) himself. Too bad the rest of us can’t say the same.

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