Taylor Swift’s Cat Is F*cking WATCHING You, New York City

If you’ve somehow been living under a rock, you may not be aware of Taylor Swift’s two internet-famous cats, Doctor Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson. The cats reside with Swift at her West Village carriage house rental in Manhattan (which Tay-Tay is paying a cool $40,000 a month to live in while her $20 million Tribeca apartment is being renovated).

Both cats are magical, but Meredith Grey has a particular panache which I personally find totally irresistible.

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I mean, obviously Meredith is an exceptionally cute feline being.

However, her charm really lies in her perpetually disinterested manner. She’s known for being a bit grumpy and lackadaisical (you know — like a cat). She just really couldn’t give less of a fuck about what’s going on around her, and can’t really be bothered to summon up enthusiasm for anything.

She has no time for Taylor or her cute Instagram videos, and isn’t afraid to get a little sassy with her human.

So it really should come as no surprise that, when Taylor isn’t around, Meredith gazes out the window to let the puny New Yorkers beneath her know that she has her eye on them — like some sort of disgruntled Grandpa who just wishes that these hoodlum kids would stop walking all over his lawn.

Yesterday, Twitter user Rikki Condos noticed that she had captured Meredith’s unwavering glare, and couldn’t help but share a photo of the aloof feline.

“[She] stared at me for probs 10 min then left the window,” Rikki tweeted.

But Meredith wasn’t finished. She returned a short while later to check on Rikki, because she is an all-knowing cat who watches over us.

This cat is literally sitting there gawking at all of her inferiors, bustling around the city. Which is SUCH a classic Cat Move.

Way to be a power-player, Meredith. We see you glaring at us, and we respect the hell out of it. Please don’t hex us with your feline powers, though.

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