13 Products For The Girl Who Always Has To Have The Last Glass Of Wine

Oh wine, what would we do without you? How would we survive? Any true wine lover can attest to the fact that our infatuation has in fact, become a lifestyle. I mean honestly, what else would we drink when it’s too late to have coffee? What man is as dependable as a bottle of wine? No man, that’s for sure.

Okay, maybe we’re a little obsessed, but who could really blame us? The days would feel so much longer without a nice glass of wine to look forward to. It goes without saying that a good sense of humor and a tall bottle of vino go hand in hand. So, for all of you wine-loving comedians out there, here are a few products for your wish list.

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1. Mean Girls “You Cant Sit With Us” Wine Pun Mason Jar Tumbler


Get it HERE

2. “Hakuna Moscato, It Means Drink Wine” Sign


Get it HERE

3. “You Had Me At Merlot” Ladies Wide Neck Black Sweatshirt


Get it HERE

4. Wine Pun Yoga Print


Get it HERE

5. Alpaca Wine Tote Bag


Get it HERE

6. ChardonnSLAY Trucker Hat


Get it HERE

7. Custom Scrabble Tile Wine Glass Charms


Get it HERE

8. Winosaur Glass


Get it HERE

9. “Love The Wine You’re With” Printable Poster


Get it HERE

10. “I’ll Never Get Bordeaux Ya” Greeting Card


Get it HERE

11. “Screw It” Wine Pun Shirt


Get it HERE

12. Wine Themed Coasters


Get it HERE

13. “I’ll Have A Bottle Of  The House White” Onesie


Get it HERE

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