15 Excuses For A Wine Night With Your Friends

One of my favorite ways to gather and spend time with friends is to invite them all over to my house with the promise of an amazing cheese plate and a selection of the finest wines my very very poor budget will allow me to.

Anthropologically speaking, sharing food and drink is one of the most effective ways to bond people. Going back thousands and thousands of years when humans were simply trying to survive, sharing food was the ultimate act of friendship and love. As we evolved, that has remained true. Sharing food and drink with someone indicates to them “I care about you and I want you to survive.”

As someone who has wine nights roughly once every two weeks with some of my closest friends, I can attest that it is the best way to catch up and maintaining relationships. If you’re looking for a reason to gather up your closest and pop some bottles, look no further:

1. When your boss finally gives you that pay raise you’ve been begging six months for and you finally can afford the NICE (read: $10 dollar bottle of wine)

2. Whenever you have a really great date and you can see it going somewhere and the sex was bomb and he still called you the next day, it is time to celebrate.

3. When the person you loved more than anyone in the world curb-stomps your heart. Three bottle minimum and definitely budget in a “sick day” at work.

4. You already opened the bottle, so you might as well call up your friends and finish it.

5. It’s been three days since you’ve had wine and you were slightly inconvenienced throughout the day and you convinced yourself you deserve it.

6. You’ve just found out your high school boyfriend is getting married and has a baby on the way, and you’re still eating ramen for dinner four nights a week.

7. You haven’t seen your girlfriends all together in one place in months and you know the only way to ensure they won’t flake on plans is the promise of great wine and an artisanal cheese plate.

8. The new Frank Ocean album just dropped and you don’t want to cry alone.

9. The new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is premiering and you need other people to “hate watch” it with, aka, love every second of it.

10. Your roommate hasn’t stopped eating your yogurt, not doing the dishes, and bringing random men home at all hours of the night; and you need someone to vent about it to other than your cat.

11. You just watched a Ryan Murphy show and you need a lot of wine to forget how many brain cells you just wasted.

12. You need your friend’s opinion on an outfit you’re wearing to a date tomorrow night.

13. Your parents are about to come into town and you need a total night of freedom before dealing with all of their subtle judgements.

14. You finally learned how to cook a dish you’ve been meaning to learn to forever, and now you need a team of taste-testers.

15. Because honestly female friendships are wonderful and complex, and why would you need any other excuse to bring your closest friends all together in one place.

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