5 Ways Emotionally Intelligent People Do Relationships Differently

Even though someone could pay their bills on time and handle their laundry and their career, that doesn’t mean they know what to do when it comes to being perceptive and emotionally intelligent. To be emotionally intelligent is to understand people’s emotions and to perceive the feelings of others around you and adjust how you act according to that. That isn’t to say you need to completely change your feelings based off of someone else’s, it simply means that you’re aware of how your words and actions are affecting other people.

Perception is the key to adapting throughout life when it comes to romance, so if you’re with someone now and you’re wondering if they’re emotionally intelligent enough to evolve with you throughout life, look out for these signs:

1. They remember everything you have going on in your life.

When you tell them you have a big presentation coming up and you’re nervous about it, they follow up and ask you how it went without you bringing it up. An emotionally intelligent person understands the value of remembering the small things, because they understand just how important it is to make sure the person they’re with feels valued and heard.

2. They’re not afraid to show vulnerability in front of you.

No matter what the situation, they’re never afraid to show they’re upset and cry, even if it feels embarrassing for them. Someone who is emotionally intelligent won’t see it as a sign of their weakness, and definitely understand that allowing someone to see them vulnerable bonds people together.

3. They’re empathetic towards strangers.

They’re not just kind to you and your friends, but to everyone they meet. They’re able to connect with people no matter what situation they’re in because they’re able to pick up on someone’s emotional state and alter the way they’re speaking to them based off of that. Their emotional intuition allows them to see everyone as the human beings they are: imperfect and needing kindness.

4. They’re intuitive to your moods.

Because they’re so in-tune with their own emotions they’re able to pick up on yours. Even if you haven’t told them that you’re upset, they’ll be able to sense that you’re upset about something because you’re not acting like yourself. The sign of an emotionally intelligent person is their ability to pick up on other people’s energies.

5. They’re able to see all sides of any situation.

Whenever there is a fight, they’re able to step back and analyze the situation from all sides. An emotionally intelligent person won’t take one side of the story as fact, and will understand the reality of perception and how different people interpret things differently. This makes them easy to speak with and even easier to settle an argument with because they truly will know what it is like to put themselves in another person’s shoes. When you date someone who is in tune with their emotions, they understand that other people have just as many emotions as they do, and they will respect that.

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