8 Subtle Signs The First Date Was A Success

Dating is a minefield of uncertainty and self-doubt, which is especially awesome owing to the fact that you need to be open and honest with someone in order to establish a romantic connection. Unfortunately, social media and our cellphones have introduced us to a slew of new and uncomfortable ways that someone can blow you off, or make you feel like the date didn’t go well. We spend so much of our time trying to “act cool” we forget that dating isn’t exactly a game, and that it’s totally OK to be upfront with your feelings.

As someone who has recently re-entered the dating scene, I can attest that it can feel impossible to know if a date went well unless someone immediately texts you afterwards in order to set up the next dinner. However, as much as you may doubt if date went well, there are signs that someone is interested in you without them lighting up a neon sign with your name on it. Here are 10 subtle ways to tell the date went well, even if you’re still scratching your head wondering if they’ll ever call you again.

1. They Laugh At Everything You Say

It is the ultimate sign of comfort/ flirtation if someone laughs at the things you say even if it’s not funny. If your date has a great sense of humor, and laughs along with you, it is there way of trying to make you feel comfortable with them too. Also, it probably means they’re into it.

2. They Lightly Touch Your Hand/ Arm

And not just a hug at the beginning of the night; if someone you’re out with finds an excuse to graze your arm after a joke, or when you’re both reaching for the bill, the odds are they they’re feeling the sexual chemistry.

3. They Linger At The End Of The Night

If your date lingers before getting in their car, or keeps wanting to talk instead of leave the front of the restaurant, chances are they’re extremely into you and doesn’t want the night to end.

4. They Tell You About Their Family

This is a clear sign they’re enjoying themselves. To open up to someone new about your family is giving someone a clear insight into your life. If a date is telling you all about what their sister does for a living, they want you to know they have love in their lives and they could potentially see you as a part of that.

5. They Ask You About Yours

Similarly, if they’re keen to know about your family it is a sign that they’re interested in knowing where you came from and who they may be eventually meeting at Thanksgiving dinner.

6. They Discuss Their Future Goals

If someone is telling you all about their 10 year plan, it is a sign that they want you to know that they have ambition. Additionally, if they’re telling you about where they see themselves down the line on a first date, they’re subtly testing the waters to see if you approve of their dreams, and if you can potentially find a role in them.

7. They Ask You About Your Dreams

If someone is asking about what your future life goals are, chances are they’re seeing if both of your futures could ever combine.

8. They Ask You To Text/Call Them When You Get Home Safe

Even though this just seems like something any good person would do, if your date is expressing concern about your safety and well-being, you’re golden. To want to know that someone is OK is a clear sign that they’re into you, and that the date was a success.

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