Beauty Bloggers Are Posting Their Most Cringe-Worthy Makeup Looks From High School

In high school, I will freely admit that my makeup prowess was slightly underdeveloped. And by that, I mean, I was under the misconception that metallic lip gloss was the height of fashion, and that one should always fully line their eyes with their eyeliner pencil.

I’ll spare you the photos, but suffice it to say: it was not good.

This story is fairly common for most high school girls who were curious about makeup but lacked any real training or know-how, which is why many women refuse to share pics of their adolescent selves.

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The “How I Did My Makeup In High School Challenge” has recently been making the rounds on various beauty blogger YouTube channels, encouraging makeup artists to share their more embarrassing makeup techniques from their teenage years. While most of us would shy away from the prompt to reveal our most cringe-inducing makeup habits, a few bloggers were brave enough to take the challenge and share their (pretty hilarious) results.

Mayra Isabel has perfected the power brows and smoky eye …

… but in high school, her brow work was a little less practiced and a bit more, um, intense. Add to that some two-toned eye shadow (not blended, obviously) and fully liquid-lined eyes, and you definitely have a statement-making look for first period.

“I had to have a Victoria’s Secret lipgloss with me at all times,” she tells the camera.


ItsMyRayeRaye normally does a slightly more understated glam look when it comes to her cosmetics.

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But in high school, she was apparently all about the lime green eyeshadow and neon pink cheeks (no tapping off that excess blush!) — with an extra swipe of super-glassy lipgloss for effect.

“I needed you to see me blush from Pluto!” she says about her blush application.


Itzayana Lizbeth is no stranger to bold and sophisticated makeup choices (particularly where shimmer is concerned) …

… But her high school makeup was even more bold. Black eyeshadow, filled in brows, and almost-white pastel lipstick. What’s not to love?

“This lipstick makes me look so tan!” she exclaims while watching herself in the mirror, and trying to contain her giggles.


Irisbeilin pretty much always looks effortlessly glam in her modern Instagram snapshots.


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In high school, however, her look was far less understated – with fully penciled-in brows and high-shine lip gloss on top of brown lipliner. And when I say lip gloss, I mean lip GLOSS.

“It was like, GREASE ATTACK on these lips.”

While most of these flashbacks make us shake our heads in wonder over our former strange perception of beauty and glamour, we can’t help but look back fondly at these valiant attempts at red-carpet cosmetics and at least laugh.

Because if we’re laughing, that means we aren’t weeping in embarrassment, right?

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