11 Instrumental Tracks That Will Actually Help You Study And Not Fall Asleep

Fall is going to be in our midst before we know it. Even the PSL made its return to Starbucks today (basic ladies rejoice!) With a new season comes a new semester and that means midterms are creeping up. It can be hard to transition from summer relaxation into full on study mode.

Your mind can’t stand to stare at the same book for hours on end and you’d so much rather be at the pool, but you’ve got to focus. One of the best ways to hone in on your studies before a big exam, is an instrumental playlist. It blocks out distractions and keeps you on track. For this year’s midterms, try out our ultimate study playlist and get that shit done.

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1. The Album Leaf – “Blank Pages”

The Album Leaf is a solo project founded by Jimmy LaValle that features a variety electronics, synthesizers and a Rhodes piano. This track off of his album A Chorus of Storytellers is always an essential part of my study playlist. The tones are soothing enough to help you relax, while remaining focused.

2. Explosions In The Sky – “Your Hand In Mine”

Okay, if you’ve never heard of Explosions In The Sky what are you doing with your life? But, really these guys are phenomenal. I listen to them all the time, especially when I need to hone in and get my work done. They’re a great escape from the outside world.

3. This Will Destroy You – “Quiet”

This Will Destroy You is an instrumental group out of San Marcos, Texas (home of Texas State!) In my opinion, this is by far one of the best tracks on their album and it helps me the most when I’m writing or working with my creative side.

4. Tycho – “A Walk”

Tycho will forever be one of my all time favorite instrumental artists. Not to mention the producer (Scott Hansen) is also a screen print artist and creates all his own graphics like the one in this video.

5. Bonobo – “Kiara”

If you focus more to instrumental with a little bit of an electronic feel, Bonobo is another solid artist for your study playlist. They also tend to use a lot of string instruments which can be particularly soothing to an overwhelmed mind.

6. Emancipator – “Greenland”

During midterms my freshman year of college, a classmate made me a study playlist and this song was always one of my favorites. If you ever get a chance to see Emancipator live, it’s an amazing show. Not to mention, his tracks are the perfect way to stop procrastinating and get productive.

7. Boards Of Canada – “Nothing Is Real (Future Perfect Remix)”

Boards of Canada are another instrumental duo that are great for helping you stay focused during those long study hours. This remix gives the track an extra beat to keep you from getting too relaxed.

8. Caspian – “Halls of the Summer”

Halls Of Summer is a great track for late night study owls. Personally, I do my best thinking in the evening and Caspian is usually my go-to.

9. Kailo – “Say That Way”

Though this song isn’t entirely instrumental, the vocals are subtle enough to keep your energy up while not distracting you. Also, any YouTube video from Suicide Sheeep like this one, is usually a solid pick.

10. Ratatat – “Loud Pipes”

You can never go wrong with a little Ratatat. Especially, when you’re listening to Loud Pipes. It’s a much more upbeat track for when you need a shift in study subjects or maybe even a quick break for your mind to revamp.

11. Flume – “Like Water feat. MNDR (Instrumental)”

So, you should be looking at your notes and not the music videos, BUT almost every Flume video has the most trippy and eyegasming graphics. Mix that with their smooth beats and you’ll be in a trance.

Check out the full playlist:

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