13 Silver Foxes Who Prove Guys Get Better With Age

Like a fine wine, men tend to become better with age. Not only do they reach a level of somewhat maturity, but there’s just something about that salt-and-pepper look that makes us weak at the knees.

Older guys have this more refined and worldly demeanor about them and it’s so incredibly sexy. Here are just a few of these silver foxes or DILFs, if you will, that make us feel things…wonderful things.

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1. Richard Gere

RichardPeople Magazine

Let’s be honest, Richard Gere was never really had an awkward teenage stage. I mean, look at him…but he did continue to get even better with age. What we wouldn’t give to be his Pretty Woman. How does he still look this good? It’s only been about 16 years since the Julia Roberts flick was released.

2. Jeffrey Dean Morgan


That unibrow, though. Needless to say, Jeffrey Dean Morgan cleaned up quite nicely over the years. Yes, I will take a slice of that  any day of the week. WHY did he have to die in Grey’s Anatomy? I’ll never understand.

3. George Clooney


Obviously, we had to include Clooney. It would be an insult for him not to appear on any list that included the words “silver fox”. He NEVER ages. We will literally never see a shriveled George Clooney. That doesn’t mean he didn’t have a few goofy young adult years. Check out that mullet glamour shot, pure gold.

4. Pierce Brosnan


Before he was Bond…James Bond, Brosnan was quite the teen heartthrob. However, we like him much better in his salt n’ pepper look. He’s only the sexiest actor to take on the super spy role, imho. Can we just put him in the next remake? Sorry Daniel Craig, the real Bond is back.

5. Eric Dane


Eric Dane AKA McSteamy, yet another hot doctor off Grey’s Anatomy, wasn’t always such a looker. Not to say his teen pic is an unfortunate one, we just really enjoy him now. The years are working in your favor Mr. Dane.

6. Dermot Mulroney

dermotFlickering Myth

I have a special place in my…HEART for Dermot Mulroney. Particularly, due to his character in My Best Friend’s Wedding and The Family Stone. He didn’t have too awkward of a time in his teen years, but his age certainly isn’t hurting him now.

7. Anderson Cooper

andersonTufts Now

It’s seriously insane how much people can change. I mean, those freckles are too adorable, but it doesn’t get much more “silver fox” than this man right here. We’re not even ashamed to admit that he’s the only reason we tune into CNN.

8. Matt LeBlanc

mattNews AU

Joey! No matter how much time passes, he will always be Joey. Friends came to an end 12 years ago and he still looks like the hot Italian we know and love.

9. Jon Stewart


The Daily Show host turned 53 this year and he’s come a long way from his rather goofy soccer pictures. The 50’s are going to be very good to you Jon, very good.

10. Denzel Washington


Oh Denzel, you really aged well. From awkward-ish teen to beautiful 61-year-old man, the years have been good to you.

11. Michael Keaton

keatonThe Times

Tbh, Keaton’s old yearbook picture is a little on the creepy side, but he definitely made up for it in his later years. If you haven’t seen the Academy Award Nominated Spotlight yet, go watch it. Keaton plays an investigative editor at the Boston Globe and he’s just a whole lot of sexy.

12. Hugh Laurie


Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a slightly unusual obsession with Hugh Laurie, specifically his character on House. Yes, he’s mean and cranky, but he’s also extremely intelligent and I just can’t get enough of him. Can we take a moment to appreciate that geeky yearbook photo though? It’s pretty amazing.

13. Patrick Dempsey


Okay, we see the Grey’s Anatomy trend here, but it’s for good reason! I mean, look at HIM. Patrick Dempsey seriously makes our mouths water. Even if he does kind of look like Screech in that glamour shot.

We might need a minute…

giphy 124 13 Silver Foxes Who Prove Guys Get Better With Age

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