Beyonce GIFs For Every Woman Who Just Cannot Right Now

Sometimes Beyonce just gets you. Whether you’re done with the work week, need that guy to please stop texting you or just need a fucking drink already, Queen Bey has more attitude in one quick gif than we could ever dream of exuding. Here are some memes for every single Over It Emotion:

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When your boss asks you for your thoughts on the report:

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When women say that feminism isn’t necessary anymore:


When you find out your favorite show is ending:


When your friend can’t stop talking about that truly awful new guy she met:


When your company messes up payroll. Again:


When you think about all those Twitter trolls in boxing class:

When your boyfriend is like, “I didn’t have time to clean” while sitting ON the actual couch:


When you give a little sass back to the bitch who side-eyed you:


When guys ask you to smile on the street. Everyday. Because you’d be prettier if you just smiled, girrrl:


When your coworker makes a big-ass mistake:


When you leave work early because you just DGAF:


When you meet ignorant assholes:


When you’ve crushed the patriarchy:

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When the hiring manager wants to pay you way less than you deserve:


When someone makes you feel bad for your lifestyle:


When you just can’t deal with Facebook’s stupidity today:


When you’re like, “I’m not bossy. I’m the boss.”


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