Disney Princesses Just Got A Heaping Dose Of Pokémon, So You’re Welcome

If you’re familiar with the internet (and you obviously are, otherwise I don’t know what you’re doing here), then you are well-aware of the pervasive popularity of Disney Princesses and the artwork (and hotdogs) that they’ve inspired. You are probably also annoyingly well-versed in the subject of Pokémon Go, another trend which has taken the millennial curiosity by storm.

So, the question you’ve probably come up with (now that I’m leading you to it) is: when the heck are these two incredibly popular phenomena going to merge??

New York-based costume designer Wilberth Gonzalez has officially answered this all-important question in his new series of illustrations, which reimagine the classic Disney Princesses with upgraded, Pokémon Go sidekicks.

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“I was trying to go to bed late one night but of course ended up falling down the Instagram rabbit hole,” Gonzalez tells TheBerry.”I kept noticing posts related to (Pokémon Go) and seeing the #mystylechallenge.”

So, what is this mysterious challenge? According to Gonzalez, it’s “where you showcase your ability to draw a single character and show its appearance in various animation styles (Disney, The Simpsons, Daria, Sailor Moon, etc). That challenge is what inspired this Pokemon/Disney crossover. I thought it would be fun to reinterpret the Disney princesses’ trusted magical friends with the Pokemon they might encounter on their journey.”

In this hypothetical world, Mulan would naturally be accompanied by her trusty guardian, Dragonair, while carrying her lucky Caterpie.

Wilberth Gonzalez

Cinderella would make her dress with the help of Raticate, Rattata, and Pidgey — with a Meowth skulking nearby.

Wilberth Gonzalez

Jasmine would have her loyal Arcanine by her side, would befriend the mischievous Mankey, all while the wily Spearow watched on.

Wilberth Gonzalez

Aurora would frolic in the forest with the help of several Butterfrees, a Farfetch’d, and a couple of Oddishes.

Wilberth Gonzalez

Ariel would swim through the depths of the ocean with her pals, Magikarp and Kingler. Naturally, she would also have a Starmie bra and a Gyarados tail.

Wilberth Gonzalez

Wilberth notes that, while his illustrations involved a significant amount of personal creativity, he still wanted to honor both the Disney and the Pokémon animation styles.

“It was important for me to stay faithful to the animated facial features of the original Disney characters,” he says. “I did take some artistic liberty with their wardrobe. I wanted their clothes to be more stylized and ornate because why not! I’m all about more details.”

Wilberth has more Disney/Pokémon crossovers in progress — such as this version of Snow White, who’s accompanied by seven Mr. Mimes.

IMG_5112 copy
Wilberth Gonzalez

A Pocahontas illustration (complete with Slowbro and Eevee) is also forthcoming, as well as a Tangela-inspired Merida.

IMG_5109 copy
Wilberth Gonzalez

While such artistic genius cannot be rushed, I for one am pretty eager to see this completed Disney set — although, there are so many Disney heroines, the series may just be a continual work in progress.

Either way, there clearly needs to be an actual Pokémon/Disney crossover now, so, whoever has money and makes important decisions: please hop on that, stat.

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