Hidden Rainbow Hair Is The Newest Trend We Might Just Be About

It’s crazy to think that fall is just around the corner. The change in seasons will inevitably bring a whole slew of new fashion trends. With the colder weather, people tend to gravitate towards more dark and neutral tones whether it be in their outfits, makeup looks, or even hair color.

Any stylist will tell you that the majority of women typically dye their hair a darker shade during the fall to winter months. This year, however, a colorful new trend has women taking their locks all over the spectrum. That’s right, rainbows are back and they don’t appear to be leaving anytime soon.

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Hidden-rainbow hair is the latest trend sweeping salons.


Normally, I’m not one to hop on the bandwagon when it comes to rainbow trends, but this is pretty amazing. The colors are so incredibly vibrant, it’s mesmerizing. Not to mention, the girl in this pic is a red head. Being a red head myself, I usually am a bit weary of how other colors will look in my hair, but this hidden spectrum slays.

The style was developed at Not Another Salon in East London.

sub-buzz-17539-1472670871-1Not Another Salon

Master technician Carla Rinaldi and fellow master technician Harriet Stokes have both completed the rainbow look on several enthusiastic customers.

“We work in the district that’s near bankers but also near the social area,” Rinaldi told BuzzFeed.

Business up top, party underneath am I right?

The hidden rainbow looks even cooler when braided.


What better way to add a little color to your fall look? It gives your hair dimension while not overwhelming the eyes.

Of course, there’s quite a bit of upkeep.

sub-buzz-19885-1472672456-3Not Another Salon

Rinaldi and Stokes admit that while the style is flawless, it can be a bit high maintenance.

“The upkeep is pretty high maintenance and generally the color will wash out in a week or two weeks,” Rinaldi told BuzzFeed.

She also suggests that customers come back every four to six weeks to get their roots re-bleached.

But the outcome is so worth it.

Hidden rainbow hair!! I need to try this one day!! 😰😍👌 #hairgoalsaf #hiddenrainbowhair #mermaidhair rg: @notanothersalon

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How’s that for a party trick?

Tbh, this might be one trend we have to try for ourselves.


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