32 Times @KellyOxford Was The Funniest Woman On Twitter

Twitter is a weird place. It’s like 90% horrid humans and 10% other shit, with hilarious people falling somewhere in that latter group.

One such gem is Kelly Oxford. You may have heard of her. She’s Canadian. She rose to fame because of Twitter. She has written a book, and sold a screenplay She has three awesome and hilarious kids, two cats, and two dogs. I love her. She’s the best.

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1. On babies:

2. On adulthood:

3. On fitness:

4. On white girls:

5. On Survivor:

6. And KUWTK:

7. On relationships:

8. On texting:

9. On religion:

10. On karaoke:

11. On Black Friday protocol:

12. On periods:

13. On Jesus:

14. On phone calls:

15. On breakups:

16. On Sunday:

17. On haircuts:

18. On being a good mom:

19. A really good mom:

20. On marriage:

21. On cats:

22. On ghosts:

23. On science:

24. On Halloween:

25. On housekeeping:

26. On elevator courtesy:

27. On cell phones:

28. On bad days:

29. On the Internet:

30. On L.A:

31. On assholes:

32. On liars:

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