21 Pics That Are Basically Pornography For Women Who Love Beards

One of the best things about fall (in my opinion) is the glorious return of facial hair. Though some men keep their beards year round, it’s usually during the cooler months when they really start to let things grow out. Let’s not forget, that No Shave November is right around the corner as well.

There’s just something about grizzly man during the fall season that makes us weak at the knees. Personally, beards are a thumbs up for me any time of the year, but with the temperature dropping we just feel the need to snuggle up to a rugged sexy man. Here are just a few of our favorite bearded beauties for you to drool over while drinking a hot PSL.

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Hola Madrid ✌🏻️ Shooting today for @cosmopolitan_es 🇪🇸 see you later at gran via

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Model #PatrickPetitjean and his trademark beard. #beards #beardon #beardbrand

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Photo: @esrasam // T-Shirt: @mandrakesmonster #esrasamphotography #mandrakesmonster

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Fresh whites • Cc: @KolinMendez •

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Why am I pointing up? Fuck knows. Some things just have no explanation… Like Bigfoot. Who's got a beer? X

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Beards and tattoos go so well together.

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Have a nice #weekend 🙂 #smilesmilesmile

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Wasting time at WayHome with this criminal @mee.kay Photo By @kaylarocca #WayHome #hawkers #kollarclothing #lumix #beard

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Loving this close up shot by @tatephoto!

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