7 Signs Your Love For Pumpkin Spice Lattes Isn’t Just A Phase, It’s A Lifestyle

Throughout college I worked at a Starbucks coffee in order to afford rent and all the bottles of wine I was rolling up to house parties with. Having said that, I understand the obsession that people have with PSLs (or, more commonly known as Pumpkin Spice Lattes).

Every year when the first leaf falls on the ground, Starbucks can sense it and they begin rolling out the most iconic coffee drink ever made. The sad thing about PSLs is that they’re seasonal, and as a result right around February when the syrups the Starbucks baristas are sent every year run out, customers understandably begin to lose their shit.

If you’re a fan of things that taste like fall in a cup, then you understand the appeal of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, however, there are people who take their love for the drink to the next level. If you exhibit any of the 7 signs below, please contact a support hotline for people with PSL addictions immediately. You are not alone.

1. You dream about your morning dose of PSL.

You keep having dreams, daydreams, and wake up in cold sweats to check the clock to see how many hours it is until you can wake up and get your first taste of pumpkin spice flavored goodness. You’re wayyyyy more productive in the fall and you’d like to think it’s because of that little spiced boost.

2. You actually have PSL merchandise.

Because just drinking them isn’t enough! You had t-shirts, hats, posted, coasters, and essentially anything that mentions Pumpkin Spice Lattes on it. When people come over, your look basically looks like an advertisement for Starbucks.

3. You’ve tried to buy the syrup in bulk.

Even though the baristas have told you that they’re unable to sell you the syrup, you’re convinced they’re lying and that they’re hoarding the syrup for themselves. You’ve even considered writing into Starbucks corporate office demanding that they begin selling PSL syrup to the masses.

4. Your friends only get you Starbucks gift cards.

Because everyone in your life knows exactly what you want, and it is the one vice of yours they don’t feel guilty about fueling.

5. You panic around February.

Because you know that pretty soon the syrup will run out and your favorite season: PSL season is over. You may start going even more frequently around this time to make sure you’re getting enough of them before they run out. Also, you begin to resent anyone in the Starbucks line in front of you who orders a PSL because they’re not helping the syrup drought.

6. You Instagram Every. Single. Latte.

Because you need everyone to know on social media how much you love PSLs, and how they’re your thing! Without photographic evidence who will believe how obsessed you are!? You also make sure to check the Starbucks Instagram page every day for new pictures of your favorite caffeinated drink.

7. You keep a calendar counting down the days until PSLs are available.

When the syrup runs out from spring til fall the wait feels agonizing. You have to know how much longer you have to go without your beloved favorite coffee drink!



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