7 Things To Know If You Want To Try The #GreyOmbré Trend That’s All Over Instagram

When it comes to hair trends, we’ve pretty much seen it all. There’s been the pastel hair rage, the mermaid hair surge, and even rainbow locks. The common thread is that all of the hottest hair trends are completely and totally ‘grammable – no filter needed.

The latest must-have in the hair industry? Grey ombré. If you remember the #GrannyHair obsession a few years ago, this is relatively similar, but with much less commitment. Instead of dyeing all of your locks grey, people are now just opting for the ends – and it looks just as cool, I promise. I recently spent two sessions in my hairstylist’s chair in order to obtain my silver ends, and it’s definitely the best decision I’ve ever made.

But if you’re thinking of jumping aboard the grey ombré train, there’s a few things you should know ahead of time. Here’s some tips, from a girl who’s been there.

1. Clear your schedule.

The whole process for my hair took almost 7 hours total. Between the bleach needed to lift my previous color, the toner to get that ~perfect~ grey, the darker dye to perform a color melt (to avoid that hash horizontal line in the ombré), the cut, the blowdry, and the curling iron, I was at the salon for basically an entire workday. I saw the morning rush, the lunch rush, and the dinner rush. The other stylists asked me if I wanted crackers and water no less than a dozen times. This is not a quick color job – not if you want it to be 100% perfect, that is.

2. Your hair might be blueish when you leave the salon.

Silver hair dye often has some blue or purple undertones to it. It is not uncommon for your hair to look almost blue (or lavender) when you walk out of the salon. The true grey will settle in after a few washes, and you can always speed up the process yourself by washing it a few times when you arrive home.

3. Silver dye fades fast.

And your hair might start to look green when it does fade, because of all the bleach underneath. Don’t be alarmed if your ends start looking like you swam in the diving pool at the Rio Olympics.

4. Get comfortable with not washing your hair.

To combat the fading, you might want to reduce the amount of times you wash your hair a week. Read up on the benefits of co-washing if you want to go completely hardcore to preserve your color. But if you’re not down with giving up shampoo altogether, there’s some great products out there to keep you looking like Shrek. Which brings me to….

5. Invest in a high-end purple shampoo.

Purple shampoo is a must-have for anyone with bleach blonde or silver hair. The purple tones in the shampoo exist to combat brassiness, which keeps hair that white-blonde (or grey) color. My stylist recommended the Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel wash and rinse, which works like a charm. The product itself is a deep royal purple, but it will leave your locks looking perfectly silver – even if the fading has started. Another product that granny hair girls swear by is Aveda’s Black Malva Shampoo.

6. You’ll also just need more hair appointments.

Purple shampoo products and avoiding washing your hair altogether will help with the fading process, but you’ll also need to be prepared to frequently return to your salon for additional rounds of toner. It’s important to know this ahead of time, because if you’re not someone who likes going to the salon often, this is definitely not the style for you. Grey ombré is high maintenance – it’s the nature of the beast.

7. Above all, you’re going to be obsessed. And so will everyone else.

You’re going to touch your hair all the time. You’re going to want to take a zillion pictures, and you will be constantly looking in the mirror. And people are going to ask you about it all the time. Be prepared for the questions and the endless compliments. You’re a trend setter now – own it with pride.



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