8 People Talk About The Most Ridiculous Reason They Were Fired

When you’re first starting out your career it is natural to feel overworked, underpaid, and under-appreciated. Right out of college I got a job at a prestigious media company and moved to NYC without a care in the world. When I arrived I quickly realized my fantasy of moving to the city and being Carrie Bradshaw was an HBO magic trick and my boss was actually the type of person to treat you like human garbage via email, then act completely fine to your face.

I eventually left my job and moved home because I had grown tired of riding the subway home at 11 p.m. every night (I worked the night shift) and making  friends in a city that was far too outpriced for my starting salary. However, this was not before my boss unceremoniously told me not to come in for my last and had security bring down a box of my shit.

Although it wasn’t technically a firing, I couldn’t help but feel hurt by the situation. I had done everything right except do what was best for me, and he had publicly humiliated me in front of the company in order to make his point. I wanted to know if this was common: people in power deciding to upheave an employee’s life just for the hell of it, so I asked 9 of my friends the most ridiculous reasons why they were fired.

1. Jamie, 26.

“My first job was waitressing at a local restaurant in my small town. My boss said he didn’t like the way I did my make-up because he thought it was scaring away customers so he told me it wasn’t going to work out. I was 16 and not wearing any makeup to work at all.”

2. Carolina, 25.

“My boss told me she had to let me go because she didn’t like my energy in the office even though I had told her my grandma had passed days ago.”

3. Kara, 34.

“It’s a complicated story but bottom line – my boss wanted to fuck me and that wasn’t ever going to happen. When he realized that he let me go.”

4. Mitchell, 29.

“A customer screamed at me and then told me this was the reason the restaurant was a ‘shit-hole’ when I told my boss he said, ‘Well, she isn’t wrong.'”

5. William, 21.

“Once I wore shorts into the office and was told those weren’t allowed (never was told there was a dress-code) when I told them I took the train an hour into the city they told me I could go home and come back, or I was fired.”

6. Laney, 25.

“A girl (who had been caught stealing before!) accused me of shorting her on her tips, the boss who was clearly in love with her fired me for trying to get her in trouble.”

7. Harry, 29.

“My car broke down on the side of the road and when I told me boss he said, ‘yeah right, like I’ve never heard that before!”

8. Paul, 26.

“I was going through a breakup and unfortunately put on a lot of weight due to my depression. My job was to bring in new business for the company but the boss told me he didn’t think I was ‘presenting my best self,’ to prospective clients. Basically got fired because I got fat.”

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